This week was back to business for the Third Year as lessons began and the dreaded homework timetable came into full effect. However, it was not all doom and gloom as the boys settled into their new weekly routine and enjoyed the sunshine out on the 3G. New clubs and societies were announced daily and many boys visited taster sessions to try clubs ranging from architecture to chess.

Monday and Thursday PSHE sessions saw the Third Years start their Digital Citizenship Silver Award. The boys thoroughly enjoyed discussing and exploring a variety of online themes including Digital wellbeing, literacy, communication, etiquette and security. Thursday games saw the boys out enjoying their respective sports options.

Congratulations go to Tom S (3F) who achieved an A* in GCSE Russian over the summer holidays, after taking the exam three years early. Congratulations are also due to Nicholas M (3F) who was awarded the top grade of A* in his Spanish GCSE and to Eric R (3G), who achieved an A* in his German IGCSE with the highest score of all Hampton Germanists taking the exam.

U14 Sports Reports:


Cameron H (3J) reports on the U14A match against John Fisher:

Our U14 team, strengthened with new 3rd year teammates, walked out onto the pitch to face John Fisher, always a formidable opponent. Their game plan appeared to be to go through us rather than round us. Eventually after a few phases their attack broke our line. Their biggest player charged down the field to where Marcus T was waiting, who brought him down with a textbook tackle.  We like to think that got them worried and we went on to score two tries but their physical size, in the end, secured them a win of 10-31.


Joseph T (3H) reports on the U14A match against John Lyon:

This week, as part of the selection process, we had a 22-man squad against John Lyon, however, this did not stop us providing a good starting performance. Suryaksh T scored two great first half goals, before John Lyon’s equaliser. Joseph T followed up with a goal in the second half before a second goal from John Lyon. This made the final score 3-2 to Hampton; a promising start to the season with exciting things to come.

Third Year Form News:

This week’s news comes from 3G:

3G won Team Building Day!

Brass band will be performing in Royal Albert Hall reported by Eric R. Stanley C can’t wait for the upcoming swimming gala at Harrow. Dominik H is looking forward to Hampton’s tennis competition.

And a new weekly feature with the chance to win merits…

Department Puzzle:

This week’s question comes from the Chemistry Department:

If you think you know, take your answer to Miss Smith or Mr Rigby in the Third Year Office.

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