As the summer draws to an end and the holiday becomes a distant memory, we focus our attention on the excitement of starting a new academic year here at Hampton School.

Tuesday saw the New Boys Morning take place. This gave the boys an opportunity to meet their Tutors, find their Form Rooms, decode their timetables as well as explore the School. Many of the new boys then went on to either enjoy their afternoon on the river with the ‘have-a-go-row’ or on the 3G pitches with their rugby and football coaches.

Wednesday saw the start of term for the whole School, when we welcomed last year’s Second Year boys into the Third Year. New homework diaries were issued, the School Code was discussed and sports options were finalised. The boys enjoyed the full School assembly delivered by the Headmaster and Mr Nicholson, in which they heard about the excellent GCSE and A Level results achieved last year, the various trips that ran through the summer holiday and finally some wise words on how to combat procrastination from Mr Knibbs. After hearing the start of term brief from Miss Smith and Mr Rigby, the Third Year boys headed into break with a buzz in the air and great anticipation for their first academic lesson of the 2018-2019 year.

On Thursday we had the Third Year team building day. The boys were off timetable for the whole day and worked in teams to complete a variety of physical and mental challenges. A lot of fun was had by all as they tested their leadership and communication skills under the guidance of their Form Tutors and Mentors. Many thanks to all involved.

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Third Year Team Building 2018

Form news:

Congratulations to Tom Shtasel who achieved an A* in GCSE Russian over the summer holiday, after taking the exam three years early.

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