It has certainly been a bit of a calmer week for the First Years than last week, after the excitement of Avon Tyrrell! However, this marked an important week for the boys as we are now in the full flow of term and School life continues apace.

We have had plenty going on at School, with MidYis testing taking place and plenty of co-curricular and sporting activities on the go. It has been lovely to hear boys talking with such enthusiasm about their co-curricular clubs! They have been thoroughly enjoying all the opportunities on offer at Hampton, including pondering life’s big questions in Philosophy Circle, learning more about drones in Drone Club, wrestling with some major political issues when working on the Current Affairs newspaper and enjoying all sorts of sporting activities including rock climbing, table tennis, volleyball and basketball. If the boys are looking for some more relaxed co-curricular activities, Mr Barber’s Board Games Club is continuing to prove very popular and a great opportunity for First Year boys to get to know the boys from other Forms in a low key and fun way and is really enjoyable way to spend a Tuesday lunchtime! The First Year boys also enjoyed a timely PSHE talk on resilience from Mr Dawson, one of the School counsellors. Some very important messages were delivered, not least the importance of recognising that they have plenty of support here at Hampton if they are finding the settling in process more of a rollercoaster than they anticipated and that it is normal to find this transition a little challenging at times.

Next week is set to be a busy week with plenty of sports matches and activities and I hope that we will have our first match reports from the relevant team captains in next week’s blog. There is lots going on this weekend with Football against Radnor House and Rugby against RGS, High Wycombe. Best of luck to all the boys involved!

Congratulations to Danny S (1P) who is the tutee of the week, it’s great to see such a good attitude being displayed by so many boys, and Danny has typified this.

Finally, can I take this opportunity to remind you to return your Pastoral Forum slips to your son’s form tutor as soon as possible, as we would like to give everybody the opportunity to get the best possible slot.

Miss G. Russell

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