It has been an incredibly busy week for the First Year boys as they enjoyed their first trip away with Hampton, sampling all the fun outdoor delights that Avon Tyrrell has to offer!

No doubt you will have heard all about the adventurous activities from your son, but we also wanted to offer a few highlights of what they got up to in the New Forest. Day one was spent tackling a number of problem solving skills, where their teamwork and communication skills were put to the test. This was a brilliant way for them to get to know each other and helped the boys uncover effective ways for communicating with each other. The boys also enjoyed doing low ropes and, when it was not too windy, a high ropes course. It was impressive to note how much the boys’ ability to communicate effectively with one another improved throughout the day.

After dinner, we went on a night walk with the Avon Tyrrell instructors where the boys learnt more about the environment of the New Forest and the house itself. Each group encountered different activities from learning to enhance their ability to see in the dark, to some groups making and drinking their own pine tea and hearing spooky ghost stories! Then it was back to the house for bed time – with some beds being made with greater skill than others!

On the second day the Forms were mixed up and set the challenge to create their own obstacle courses. This was a great test of their creativity and some teams made some very inventive courses. After lunch, the real highlight took place as the teams built their own rafts and then sailed them out on to the lake – with varying degrees of success! All of the boys worked incredibly well together and were able to generally construct rafts that floated and got them back to shore safely! We all had a great time and a lot of fun was had by everyone. I am sure you will join us in thanking all of the tutors, mentors, Mr Clarke and Mr Taylor (our activities coordinators) for all their work in making the trip a great success.

Beyond Avon Tyrrell, it was also great to hear that the boys performed well in their first rugby matches of the year last weekend. The A team had a narrow loss, whilst the B team secured a victory. All of the boys performed very confidently as they represented Hampton for the first time and a very positive attitude was demonstrated by all. I was also delighted to hear from Sam G about his skiing success:

On Sunday, I participated in the ESSKIA southern schools qualifying event at the Gosling Leisure Park in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. The race consisted of two runs, each added together to get an aggregate time. Each school’s best three times per age group went towards their total, which would decide whether or not they would qualify. On my first run, I got a turn wrong and fell, but I redeemed myself by scoring a solid 17.86 seconds. A great morning, and something I would very much like to do again.

All in all, it has been a very successful week! A restful weekend is in order, before another busy week in Hampton life!

Miss G. Russell


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