Third Year Blog

3rd Year Blog

You might think there is not too much that can be said about School this week. Third Years have spent the whole week doing their exams. They spent much of last week on half term preparing for their exams. However, this does not tell the whole story. For starters, Thursday afternoon saw the latest round of the Wills’ Cup, the inter-form athletics competition. Results of that are detailed below. There were also just under half the boys in the year group who did not have an exam scheduled on the final session of the week on Friday afternoon. This gave them an opportunity to enjoy a mixture of activities including touch rugby, 5-a-side football, croquet, basketball and dodgeball.

Inter-Form Athletics:

Mr Bolton, Head of Athletics (and 3E tutor!) was delighted with the performances (and the result) at the inter-form athletics competition. He has gone on record saying: “This was genuinely the most impressive inter-form athletics competition I’ve seen from a cohort at Hampton School. The strength in depth was fantastic, with many B team events being won with A team performances!” This statement is also backed up by the fact that two School records were broken during the event. Louis Middleton (3E) won the hurdles race in a record 12.1 seconds and Neo Sukhraj-Hammerl (3C) threw a record 39.46m to win the javelin event. The results and final standings were as follows:

Hurdles B648591723
Hurdles A816392475
100m B435196278
100m A739925146
200m B756498321
200m A163687692
300m B578164293
300m A873646192
800m B579864123
800m A856947231
Long J B153948267
Long J A65 472398
Triple J B639842275
Triple J A879652432
High J B148592376
High J A319265784
Shot B892576413
Shot A972536148
Discus B148653972
Discus A732961458
Javelin B946382157
Javelin A579284631
Relay B12410618168142
Relay A81001218641416


Well done to 3E for running out as eventual winners of the competition.

Well done to every boy in the Year Group for taking part and making the afternoon such a worthwhile and enjoyable occasion.


Mr Morris was keen to express his gratitude to Shiv Takyar (3G) and Amar Midha (3H) who both received very late call-ups, from the U14C cricket team, to play for the U15Bs, on the Saturday before half term against Whitgift. This would have been daunting against a strong opposition, but they did really well.

Louis Middleton (3E), Neo Sukhraj-Hammerl (3C) and Antonio Polleri (3A) have all been selected to represent Middlesex Schools’ in the South England Combined Events Athletics Championships, after their performances at the London Schools’ competition.  Louis finished second in the competition and broke the schools 80m Hurdles record during the day, with an impressive run of 12.17 seconds.

Please let your Form Tutor know if you would like to attend the next SNRG meeting, taking place on Monday 25 June during period 3 in Room 3. The School Nutrition Review Group meets to discuss pupil feedback and preferences regarding food options in School.

Despite having a full programme of revision, Noah Wood (3F) found time for a little R&R in Rome over the half term break. He reported that the pizza is very good!

Rohan Vasudev (3B) has produced a photography book entitled ‘Nature Through the Lens’ whilst Ben Francis (3B), Luke Jansen (3B) and Ollie Pulfrey-Baker (3B) have created a book of short stories, pictures and fact-files exploring how an inter-galactic traveller might view different animals on earth; it is entitled ‘Mission Animalia: Earthly Adventures of an Intergalactic Shapeshifter’. Pictures of the covers of both books are below.


Park Run Update:

A rather disappointing Park Run turnout over the Half Term! Mr Studt would have thought that more boys would have welcomed the opportunity to take a break from revision with a bit of exercise to clear the head – but apparently not…

Well done to those who ran – updated table below. Rumours are that some Forms have made plans to turn out en-masse this Saturday – we may well see huge changes to the table!


NAMEFormLocationRunsFormTOTAL RUNS
Mr Burke3ABushy13H6
Henry W3ABushy13A6
Kristoffer O3ABushy13F6
Shivam V3ABushy23C3
Arthur H3ABushy13D2
Mr Studt3CBushy23G1
Matt L3CBushy13B0
Ethan K3DRichmond13E0
Joseph C3DBushy13J0
Luke P3FRichmond1
Benjamin G3FRichmond1
Sam M3FCrane Park1
Luke P3FHazlewood3
Alessandro R3G?1
Tom N3HBushy1
Milo H3HBushy1
Ben F3HBushy1
Joe B3HBushy1
Oliver G3HPitshanger2