Congratulations to the following boys on reaching these merit milestones:

20 merits – Arjan Sian, Arya Lim Amiri

30 merits – Eric Rodrigues, Nathan Kent

40 merits – Alexander Cresswell

50 merits – Freddy Liang

60 merits – Aadam Shahzad, Fahad Bhaiji

70 merits – Nicholas Murray

100 merits – Harry Spencer

160 merits – Luke Trotman (WOWSERS!!)


One more trip to tell you about from the Easter Holidays. Many thanks to Alexander Cresswell for sending this in:

“Two weeks ago in the Easter holiday I and 13 other 2nd and 3rd Years went to Betws-y-coed in Wales for an Adventure Society trip. We spent the four days hiking, climbing and abseiling, cycling and kayaking. Overall it was a very entertaining trip and I hope everybody who went enjoyed it as thoroughly as I did. The cycling was especially enjoyable, however at times quite difficult including the ice cream challenge which only two boys completed. It consisted of a very steep and long uphill climb and if you could manage without stopping, the reward was a free ice cream. ”


The U13A cricket team have had a busy start to term with two fixtures this week. As so often in life, their fortunes have been mixed. Many thanks to Ali Jennings and Pranav Santhosh respectively for sending these reports:

  • “On Saturday 21 April, Hampton U13’s played Fulham Boys School. We won the toss and Louis Simmonds-Gooding and Kyan Soni started batting well on a slow, bouncy wicket, ticking over at 5 an over. Louis was caught in the fourth over for seven, while trying to drive one through the covers. This brought Leanesh Sivakumar to the crease, who with Kyan continued to keep the scoreboard moving at six an over. They both soon reached their fifties, and we finished on 199-1, with Kyan making 78* and Leanesh finishing on 68*. We started the second innings well, with Jack Hardy picking up a wicket in his first over. Wickets continued to fall at regular intervals throughout the innings, thanks to great bowling from the whole team. Their final wicket fell in the 18th over, with a total of 67.”


  • “On Monday, the U13 A cricket team went away to Rokeby to play their first round cup match.  After losing the toss and being put into bat, Hampton didn’t start well, losing a wicket in the first few overs.  But through the middle overs Hampton rebuilt the innings and we ended up with a respectable total of 134/2 at the end of our 25 overs with Louis finishing on 67 not out. We started well in the second innings when I ran one of their batsmen out and Ali executed a beautiful ‘yorker’ to get them two wickets down early on and stop the runs flowing with some good fielding, but then their batsmen took advantage of the home conditions with one of their batsmen getting 66 not out and won by five wickets, with five overs to spare.”

The other summer sports are up and running too. Ollie Drew tells us about the first tennis fixture of term:

“Ten tennis players from Hampton set out for an all-day tournament at St George’s College. We all had an extremely tough group including Ollie Drew and Dominic Hagmann, who had to fight it out with Reed’s School. Unfortunately for the First Years they came third in their group and did not go through to the quarter-finals. The Third Years coming fourth and eventually the Second Years ended up finishing second, behind St George’s.”

Is chess a summer sport? Let’s check with Timmy Lee:

“On Friday 20th April, the Hampton Third Chess Team faced Wilson’s school for the last game of the season. Since Wilson’s were one point ahead of us in the league, we needed a win to overtake them. After the first match, the result ended 3-3. Three wins and a draw in our next game would see us overtake Wilson’s, but unfortunately we fell short, ending in another 3-3 result. Although we could not beat Wilson’s, we still came a respectable third in the league.”

But surely the football season is over right? Well ok, yes, but only just. Albie Hyde reports on his season finale:

“On Sunday 21 April, my football club AFC Brooklands played in the final of the cup. It was held at Walton Casuals’ stadium and we were playing against Byfleet. It was an amazing experience as we got our own changing rooms and walked out of the players’ tunnel. It was a very close match but unfortunately we lost 3-2. It was a disappointing result, but overall it was a really good experience.”



Remember, all students should be attending at least two clubs/activities per week, not including any team sports practices. If you haven’t quite settled on what’s right for you yet, Joe Treacey (first) and Jamie Hacking may be able to help:

  • “Each week at Thursday Lunch Architecture club is running from 12.35pm – 1.10pm. So far we have had the opportunity to Lino print a building in the style of either Classical or Gothic by using different designs previously cut in the year. We would highly recommend this club for anyone who enjoys designing different styles in art.”
  • “On Wednesday, I went to art club for the first time and has a great time. Art club is very fun and useful because you can use it to catch up on work from your art lessons, improve your work from before or you can do your own thing and make some artwork to take home.”


All pupils were out of lessons on Thursday morning. Arjan Sian tells us what they were up to:
On Thursday 26 April the first and second year of Hampton School participated in the national junior maths challenge. It was filled with fun and challenging with some maths questions that only the best mathematicians could answer. With Hampton’s success last year we were keen to try it again. Results will be revealed when all the papers across the nation are complete and

verified. Well done to all involved and I hope you do well.

 Thank you to everyone who submitted articles this week, I was so inundated with excellent entries that I have had to save some for next week. Please keep them coming and don’t forget to claim your merit every time you feature in the blog.


Well done to all those who worked out that the answer to Tej’s riddle was The Horizon.

This week we have quite a long entry from Luke Trotman. Read carefully, a merit for the first correct answer:

“It is Halloween and your friends dare you to go into a haunted house. You creep up to the door, a little scared wondering what is behind the door. You go in and there is a long hallway leading out into a dark musty room with three doors. You’re kind of scared once you are inside. You try to turn back, to get back outside, but when you turn around the door is closed and locked. You yell for help but there is only silence. The room is dark and you look for a light source. You see a light switch and try to turn it on. Sadly the power is out. You are terrified but have no choice but to follow the long hallway to the three doors in the pitch black. Behind one door is a bottomless pit with no end. Behind another door is an electric chair which you must sit in. Behind the last door is a pool full of acid. You must go in one of the rooms to the danger. Which one should you go through?”


An extremely strong field this week. It was very tough to pick a winner but in the end I’ve gone with this:

Q: What is the best thing about Switzerland?

A: I don’t know but the flag is a big plus

Well done to Daniel Edge

Have a great weekend!

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