Congratulations to all these boys who have reached the following merit milestones:

10 merits – Ben Hagan

40 merits – Tom Shtasel

80 merits – Akshat Mathur

140 merits – Luke Trotman

Fantastic effort, keep it up!


There have been some excellent entries this year and shortlists for these awards have now been announced. A huge well done to 2H who have dominated the Junior Creative Writing Awards. Harry S, Luke T and Seb A are all finalists in the Poetry category and Leanesh S and Sam B are finalists for the Prose Awards. Thank you to all boys who submitted an entry.


A big thank you to Miss Brown and the Geography department for organising Thursday’s excellent trip to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, and to Oliver Rochard for this excellent report:

“Yesterday at Kew Gardens first we went to the Palm House, which was a massive greenhouse that reopened 16 November 1999. We looked at many different important and useful trees e.g. the Tamarind tree and the Henna tree, while we were there. I think the best part of the Palm House was when we went up the stairs and looked at all the trees from the top. Then we went on the treetop walk, which was very high up. It was amazing being able to look over Kew Gardens and see everything. When we went up there it was very windy and you could see the trees swaying around. After this, we went to the desert side of the Princess of Wales greenhouse. Inside there were all different types of cacti. Tall cacti, short cacti and round cacti. There were also some other plants in there as well, but it was mostly the huge variety of cacti. Then we went to lunch, but after lunch we went to the tropical plants side of the Princess of Wales greenhouse. Here we saw a great diversity of plants and flowers. It was huge. There was a whole section dedicated to orchids. While we were there we saw a few animals that were made out of hay. Somehow, they had managed to get some plants growing off them as well. Finally we visited the rock garden, which was a beautiful formation of rocks, with waterfalls running in between them. While we were going through all of these areas we were taking videos so we could edit them all together and make a small documentary about Kew Gardens. We all thought this was a fun trip and can’t wait to go on the science trip next week!”


My summary of this last week was a load of dribble so thanks to Eric Rodrigues for this bouncy report of 2L’s glorious pass to victory in the Inter-Form Basketball competition. A slam-dunking performance, well done!

“Last week on Thursday all of the Second Year took part in a basketball tournament. Each team played four short matches. Through excellent teamwork against tough competitors and a lot of baskets scored by Daniel, 2L won in the end, having won all their matches. Nevertheless, it was a close call with the second class close behind. It was an enjoyable and fun experience for everyone.”


There have been a couple of very exciting events outside school in the last week. Firstly, Theo M-C and Freddy L’s episode of Spy School aired on ITV! The boys have already written a great account of their experience of filming in previous editions of the blog, though I am hoping for a follow up piece next week on the response to the episode. In the meantime, you can view the episode here:

I’m sure you’ll agree that the boys come across extremely well and are a credit to Hampton. Well done, Freddy and Theo!

On top of this, Albie Hyde (or at least his hands) will soon also be appearing on TV, having just filmed an advert for a well-known purveyor of breaded meats and fish. He gives us the Birdseye view:

“On Wednesday 7 March I went to a studio in London to film an advert for chicken which will be shown in different countries. I had to wait a while but it was worth it as it was a great experience to see what filming is like. I was amazed about how much effort goes in to a simple chicken advert.”

Perhaps you’ve been up to something interesting outside school, if so, I’d love to hear about it. Remember, each article used in the blog, earns a merit.


Thank you for all the entries to last week’s trivia. This week we are sticking with the same style of question, but this time you have to identify as many birds as you can from the image below. One or two of these we saw in Kew Gardens (though many we definitely didn’t!):

A merit for whoever sends me the most correct answers:

Finally, this week’s Joke of the Week comes from Fahad Bhaiji:

Q: What did the tortoise say when he was hit by a car?

A: Nothing – he was too shell-shocked



Have a great weekend!

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