In sporting news, well done to our U14 cricketers.  The U14A cricket team have been busy and successful!  They won the Gubby Allen tournament and they beat Dulwich giving great pleasure to Rahul Desai (3C).  He is ecstatic to report the win, with news that Blake Cullen (3G) put in a man-of-the-match performance, scoring 127 runs! Ollie Nixon (3C) also tells us how the same team beat a combined Staffordshire team.  3C’s AJ is pleased to have taken three wickets for the U14 B team against Dulwich to help seal a resounding victory for Hampton.

Tom Randall and Lucas Copplestone (3B) won their Tennis match against St Johns 6-5, but Tom says that Hampton lost overall. However, Tom was proud of his game. Upon being congratulated by Alex Riley on a good forehand, Tom replied “which one of my mad forehands did you see!?”

Arjun Swarup (3C) is looking forward to waking up for the Bedford Regatta!  This is impressive news as it’s a 6:30am start!  Good luck to all the rowers involved!

Angry Chelsea fan Tim Bird (3C) is, well, angry!  It appears he is not taking Leicester’s success and Tottenham outperforming Chelsea in the league too well…….

In other news, Matthew Randall (3A) enjoyed the car show on Regent Street on Monday for the Gumball 3000 car rally.  Tom Hare (3A) Enjoyed his birthday on the 4th of May and was happy to find out that Leicester won the league. He is going to the game where they will be awarded the guard of honour.  Finally, well done to Ayan Thomas (3A), who has completed his Japanese oral GCSE.

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