Third Year songwriter Max Elliott performs in front of 11,000 people

Third Year Max Elliott has co-written a song as part of a group called Song Academy, performing the song at the Voice in a Million concert at Wembley Arena.

Max’s song, called Right to be Loved, was co-written by 10 other songwriters aged between 12 and 16. The aim of the song and the concert is to raise awareness of vulnerable children in care and the benefits of adoption and fostering.The concert also featured former Britain’s Got Talent finalists Bars & Melody and a 6,000 strong choir.

Max, who usually performs as a solo artist, enjoyed working with the group:

“It was an amazing experience. I had no idea how different it would feel to perform in front of so many people and it was really exciting. I can’t wait to perform there again next year.”

You can watch the music video of Max’s song here:

Right to be Loved music video

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