Going into this week, standings for the Wills’ Cup (Third Year Inter-form Challenge) were as follows:

FORM POINTS IN EVENT 1 (Teambuilding) POINTS IN EVENT 2 (Cross-Country) POINTS In EVENT 3 (Volleyball) POINTS IN EVENT 4 (Chess) TOTAL
3H 7 6 9 7 29
3E 9 5 8 5 27
3D 5 9 6 4 24
3C 6 8 3 4 21
3F 8 2 4 7 21
3A 3 8 5 4 20
3J 4 3 7 4 18
3B 2 4 1 8 15
3G 1 1 2 9 13


With Inter-form quiz and Inter-form Athletics, plus (probably) another inter-form event still to come before the end of summer term… there was everything to play for!

Inter-form challenge quiz

Last week’s match reports:

3B faced 3C in the last quarter-final. Pundits were expecting a close contest but never guessed they would see the match go all the way to a tie-break question after full-time! The result was an agonising defeat for 3B, 250-240, with Man of the Match honours shared between Jake G and Ollie P-B on five starter questions each.

In the first semi-final, 3C yet again, won by the skin of their teeth, dispatching rivals 3J 190-170. Ollie P-B was again Man of the Match, this time with 3J’s Nayaaz H, both answering three starters.

The second semi-final saw 3G hit their stride and see off the challenge of 3D fairly comfortably, 180-100. 3G’s dynamic duo of Sam B and Will M-J answered four starters each and would need to be on top form if they are to vanquish 3C in the final.


The final took place in front of a near sold-out Lecture Theatre crowd, all of whom watched on in silent admiration as the quizzing gladiators of 3G and 3C slugged it out on the floor beneath them. Quizmaster, Mr Malston, served up some devilishly difficult questions, but both teams rose to the occasion displaying a remarkable level of knowledge across a very broad range of topics.

A herculean struggle ended in a victory for 3C!

The final score was 360 – 220 to 3C, with joint Man of the Match award shared between Ollie P-B and Jack E on five starters each. Well done to the whole team who have put 3C in a strong position in the Wills’ Cup, as below:

FORM POINTS IN EVENT 1 (Team-building) POINTS IN EVENT 2 (Cross-Country) POINTS in EVENT 3 (Volley-ball) POINTS IN EVENT 4 (Chess) POINTS IN EVENT 5 (Quiz) TOTAL
3H 7 6 9 7 2 31
3E 9 5 8 5 3 30
3C 6 8 3 4 9 30
3D 5 9 6 4 5 29
3F 8 2 4 7 3 24
3A 3 8 5 4 3 23
3J 4 3 7 4 5 23
3G 1 1 2 9 7 20
3B 2 4 1 8 3 18




Many Third Year boys have signed up to show their support for the U14B football team at Stoke FC’s Stadium next Friday as they compete in the national final of the U14B ESFA competition. The team are preparing hard for the biggest fixture of their season (and probably their lives so far!). Here is a note from the team captain on the build up:

“In preparation for our ESFA National Cup Final, the U14 B football team had a practice match against Ibstock A team, who are in the Small Schools Cup Final. The final score was 2-1 to Ibstock but it was a good run-out for the team. We are feeling ready to take on Sandbach School at Stoke City Stadium.”

Mr Burke (Hampton’s Head of Football) was unavailable for comment. He clearly suspects Sandbach School will be scouring this blog for any pre-match information they can gather!

Oracy sessions:

Mrs McLusky will be running (initially) two oracy sessions to develop the skills of spoken communication. Speaking skills are an important part of everyday life: as a part of learning but also as a life skill. The sessions will offer advice on how to develop discussion skills and would be useful for those boys who think that they would like to build confidence when talking in class. There will also be a practical element to each session. Please volunteer through your Form Tutor if you would like to take part in these sessions. They will be held in the Function Room (the room next to the staff dining room) during PSHE on Thursday 10 and Monday 14 May. Those attending will need to go this room at 10.15am on the day.

Lion Print – creative writing:

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have your creative writing work published in Lion Print 2018. The deadline is fast approaching…

  • Entries for the Creative Writing Awards last term are likely to be included in the magazine, but we are also looking for additional pieces of prose or poetry which are original work. This can include classwork and/or homework pieces as well as writing that boys have done independently without being set a specific task.
  • Boys may submit more than one piece although there is no guarantee that either/both will be published.
  • Submissions should be typed and emailed to either the boys’ English teachers or to Dr Colvine in the library (colvine@hamptonschool.org.uk) with the author’s name and form on the piece. The email subject should read ‘’Lion Print 2018’’.

The internal deadline for pieces to be submitted for consideration is Friday 11 May

Cricket Match Reports:

U14A: The U14A cricket team got off to a strong start with a convincing win over Oratory School in Reading. Some great bowling from Olly C (4 overs, 5 runs, 1 wicket), Freddie S (1 over, 5 runs, 1 wicket), Max L (3 overs, 13 runs, 2 wickets) and a stellar five-for on debut from Alfie S-G (5 overs, 16 runs, 5 wickets) meant that Oratory were bowled out for 62. Some solid batting from Arjun B, Zak D and Kyle S secured a victory within ten overs.

Then on Thursday, Harrow were Hampton’s opponents. After consistent bowling from Alex Z (6 overs, 20 runs), and wickets for Mustafa H, Kyle S, Arjun B and Freddie S we managed to restrict Harrow to 150-5. In our batting innings, we were undone by accurate spin bowling, slowing our run rate and making it hard to score. After patient innings from Sandy M (27) and Alex Z (12) came to an end, we were bowled out for 68. After a difficult match and the disappointment of a rain affected game against Dulwich, we are ready to face Tiffin Boys School this Saturday.

U14B: For our first game of the season, we played Harrow School. It was a close contest and after a strong bowling performance, we were chasing 97 to win. The stand out bowlers were Sam Brewster and Jude Glasson.
We got off to a strong start batting through Samaksh Argawal but then slowed down later in the innings. Back end resurgence from Thomas de Gruchy and Miles brought the game back into contention and two runs off the last ball from Jonah Blake meant the game ended as a tie!

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