It is mostly sports news this week, with our roving reporters enjoying the Spring term sports programmes despite the Winter term weather!  The 3A and 3F dedicated rowers attended the Basher regatta at the prestigious Eton Dorney Lake last week. Joe Trevor, Alex Saul and Ewan McBride (all in 3F) said it was a great experience, and brought back some excellent results.  Although Robert Morey reports that the wait was a bit too long between races.  Rollo Orme (3E) raced well with J16 2nd 8 and Indy Barnes, Trent Stewart (cox) and Filippo Santiano (all in 3E) raced well with the J14s cheered on by Mrs Clarke.

Against RGS on Saturday, the U14 A cricket team scored 120 but the opposition reached that in 28 overs on Saturday. The U14 B and C teams won their matches against RGS with George Smith putting in an excellent performance for the B’s, scoring a quick fire 25 with 2 sixes.  The C cricket team won their match by 70 runs.  Blake Cullen (3G) is disappointed to report that the U17 team scored 140 but the opposition reached the required total in 24 overs on Wednesday.

At the Harrow athletics meet Freddy Hodgson (3A) won the 800m race.  And Paul Wilkinson (3C) is happy to report that Chelsea beat Man City in the youth cup final.

Tom Hudson, Olly Heyes, Ethan Scott and Ben Stonely (all in 3G) took part in a young enterprise competition as part of the ROAR programme.  They arranged a free kick challenge on the 3G on Wednesday lunchtime. Unfortunately, Himanish Joshi (3F) has had to publicise the news that his slip and slide event for the ROAR challenge will unfortunately no longer be taking place after health and safety got involved!

In the world of performaing arts, this year’s devised plays in Drama are well under way.  On Tuesday night we had plays from Joseph Helm, Aidan Lorde and Cameron Fraser and Tom Hudson, Ned page (both in 3G), Rory Carr (3F), William Mason (3H) and Findlay Duncan .  The boys performed in front of a packed drama hall. Despite a few technical glitches, they report that the night was a success and there was high praise from Mr Duda. Joe John (3F) is looking forward to his play, which is on Thursday.  Matthew Randal (3A) enjoyed the music concert at LEH.  Representing 3F on the musical front, Max Elliott, Taran Chawla and Alex O’Sullivan all enjoyed singing at the ISSP day on Tuesday.

Finally, in other news, it’s bad news for James Smith (3G) who has unfortunately been told that he needs 4 teeth taken out and braces for 3 years.  Hang in there James!  Finally, a massive thank you goes to three third years who excelled themselves on Wednesday evening, serving teas and coffees and most importantly biscuits to waiting parents and teachers at 2nd Year Parents’ Evening.  Joe Helm, Joe John, and Matt Wilson (all in 3F) set everything up themselves and cleared everything away without being asked.  Joe John says that the highlight of the night was when he showed Mr Knibbs his Mick Jagger impression! Mr Knibbs seemed to enjoy it, which is more than can be said for Joe and Matt!  Miss Millar reports that the three boys were brilliant and were there until the bitter end!

Thanks to Rahul Desai, Paul Wilkinson, Makarious Naguib, Robert Morey, Joe Helm and Tom Hudson for their input this week.

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