Tom: Aged 17, Sixth Former

Hampton Sixth Form has given me independence, social and co-curricular opportunities and the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the subjects that interest me most.

I am studying Pre-Us in German, Maths, Further Maths and Chemistry, and Mandarin is my AS subject. Smaller sized classes allow relationships with both teachers and my fellow classmates to thrive, and produce a great environment for studying in.

I am a member of the Boatclub and training in the Sixth Form is team-based, but also more independent. We have amazing facilities and the coaches understand the need to balance sport with academics and other co-curricular activities so that I have been able to develop all my interests and become a more rounded student.

I am very thankful for the opportunities and fun I have had in the Sixth Form.

Music is also a key part of my School life. I am in the Jazz Band and Consort of Voices and play in several orchestras and ensembles. I have travelled to Germany with the Orchestra and performed with Voices of Lions at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the past three years – truly memorable experiences.

One of the unique traits of Hampton is the relaxed and down-to-earth social environment of the whole School, and not least the Sixth Form. This is evident in the Sixth Form Centre, which is a never-ending focal point of life in Hampton.  Everyone is comfortable and happy to talk to each other. It doesn’t matter what you do in your free time or what you are studying, the Sixth form is just one united year group.

With my time at Hampton coming to an end, I am sad that such an amazing experience is drawing to a close, but I feel excited and as ready as I can be for the world beyond.