Tom Leman: father of three Hampton boys

Before my eldest son joined the School, I remember attending Open Day and, in particular, listening to the Headmaster’s speech. For over half an hour he didn’t mention anything about academics, exam success or sport. He talked about how Hampton looks after and nurtures your son, he spoke of mentoring of the First Years by the Sixth Formers, the Learning Support on offer for those who need extra help and the dedicated team of School Counsellors. His message was that the School offers something for every child and celebrates all achievements equally – no rugby tie, no football tie, no chess colours or drama accolades, but one Hamptonian tie. Above all, the ethos that Once a Hamptonian, always a Hamptonian

This is not a ‘stripey blazer’ school. This isn’t form over substance. There is a feeling of humility and of being down-to-earth at Hampton.

So, my experience of the School began, and I am now in my sixth year and three boys in to life at Hampton. Hampton boys work hard and play hard. Sometimes their antics surprise me and there are examples of high jinks – some very funny – but the way the teachers deal with these demonstrates the trust and mature relationships that they have developed with the boys.