Fraser, First Year

hampton-5voices-001I am really excited about my future at Hampton. Learning is fun here, there are so many good opportunities and I am trying to get involved in School life as much as I can.

When I walked through the gates on the first day with waves of other boys streaming down on either side of me it was a little daunting and I realised just how big the School is.

I was a little worried that the teachers might be scary but I have learned that they are really kind – they give you chances to get things right and there is always someone here that can help you. The Sixth Formers are very kind and approachable too.

Moving to senior school was a big jump – the biggest shock is the homework but you soon get used to it. The work is challenging but fun too because the lessons are really interesting, especially the science subjects and Design and Technology. Further up the School you get to make lots of fun things in DT like scooters and speakers.

Meeting new friends has been one of the best bits at Hampton – there is always someone to talk to because the friendship groups are much bigger.

There is so much to do here because of the wide range of co-curricular activities that you can choose from. There really is something for everyone. My favourite club is rugby club because I really love rugby.

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