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Taking a deep breath, I dived in making a huge splash

(hopefully soaking Karen with cold water). As I hit the water,

my head was suddenly submerged in the frightening, icy cold

waters. I could just make out the floor three metres below me.

I lifted my head and took another breath before carrying on

swimming. I looked forward. About ten metres to go. I was

already exhausted and could feel my legs slowly dropping

down into the pool, as if I was drowning. ‘Nearly there’, I

thought. About six metres to go. As I put my head down into

the pool, while kicking the water like crazy, I saw something

that was green and was weirdly illuminating the eerily dark

waters at the bottom of the pool. I looked forward again. Only

four metres left. I looked down only to see the green thing

again. It was resting there and stirring slightly with the currents

in the pool. An alligator. Like the one from Florida. My fear

had transformed into terror. I desperately tried to scream but

my mouth was full of water. It was coming closer. And closer.

And closer. Only a couple metres left now. I wasn’t even

swimming now, just slapping the water to get away. Suddenly,

I felt something grip my foot. I was seriously screeching for

help now. But, I had to get to the end. With my arm fully

outstretched I could feel the edge of the pool…

I jumped out of the pool and collapsed into a shivering heap.

I saw Karen coming over to me smiling for the first time in her

life. Still breathing heavily, I glanced round to see the lifeguard

pulling a large green pipe from the pool.



Vishal Saha

(First Year)



Dominic Nunn

(Fifth Year)