Lego Robotics Club aims to develop science and technology skills in a fun and engaging way. The popular club takes place on Tuesday lunchtimes and is open to First and Second Year pupils. One of our First Year pupils tells us more about the club:

In Lego Robotics club, we build robots from Lego Mindstorms and then programme them to carry out different functions. These include moving around, sensing objects and emitting sounds.

The first job is to build the robot. Robots can take any form: from a humanoid robot which resembles the human body, to miniature cars on wheels or space rockets with boosters. The second step is to programme it using Lego Mindstorms software. You can make it roll around on wheels, tracks or even on leg like structures! You can programme it to create sounds or turn away from obstacles.  

Your completed robot is then ready to compete in the end of term event. The aim of the game is for your robot to be the last one standing. Whether that is by running away, or flipping other robots, you can customise your approach so that your robot is victorious.