Nadia Murad


Nadia Murad is a survivor of the genocide against the Yazidi that is being perpetrated by the so-called Islamic State. She was kidnapped from her village near Sinjar by IS and held as a slave in Mosul. She managed to escape and made her way to Germany. Since then she has campaigned to raise awareness about the genocide and has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

What Does Genocide Mean to You?

“I saw hundreds of Yazidi women distributed to IS camps.  They were used and heinous crimes committed that do not relate to humanity in any way.  We still receive reports and photos of Yazidi girls who are still being used by Daesh [IS].  Daesh has committed genocide against them.

Thousands of women have been widowed, there is no access to education for children for huge percentage of them. The most terrible crimes are being committed against those who are held captive, including rape, torture both physically and mentally. The conflict is ongoing- but unless IS is stopped and the ideology terminated, this will happen again. The perpetrators are committed to their cause.

“Yet there are no public hearings- no interrogation of the terrorists. As a victim, I would prefer death than to see those who committed these crimes to be allowed to go about their normal lives without justice. Minority communities must not be left under the tyranny of terrorists.”

What Can Young People Do Today?

“If we all do our small part, in every corner of the world, I believe we can end genocide against minorities and mass atrocities against women and children. If we have the courage to stand up and fight for those we don’t know – who live thousands of miles away – we can make a difference. The world is one community and we need to act as such.”

” As young girls do not say you are powerless, the power you have is immense and all it takes is that you find that power within you and then use it. My advice to you is go beyond yourself, reach to others, to your own family members and friends, reach to those you do not know too because humanity is one humanity only”

“The path to be a helper, a doer, and a champion for justice starts with a decision and that decision must be made by you, take this decision early in your life so you have enough time to contribute and at the same time enjoy the happy moments of life”