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15 January 2020 – Meet the Archivist

Alexandra J Esmond MA – School Archivist / Keeper of the Records


After completing her bachelors degree in English Literature with Creative Writing she studied a masters in Archive Administration at Aberystwyth University, one out of six universities accredited by the Archives and Records Association UK and Ireland, and found her way to Hampton School soon after.

Archivists on the whole preserve cultural memory, but their roles differ slightly depending on the areas in which they work. As a school archivist, she preserves the collective memory of the school and seeks to maintain and make accessible the records and objects belonging to the School in order for future users to have the opportunity to appreciate it just as current users do today.

Her inspiration comes from historians Lucy Worsley and Mary Beard but you can see Archivists and record keepers in action on programmes such as Who Do You Think You Are and the like. Like ants upon the tarmac once you start looking carefully, you will discover that Archives and the processes that underpin them are everywhere in the modern world.