Walter Bailey and Alex Green Cups

The sun shone on Saturday as Hamptonians, friends and family returned to the School for the Walter Bailey and the Alex Green Cup matches. The annual matches see the Old Hamptonians football teams take on the School 1st and 2nd XI’s.

The 1st XI game is played in memory of Walter Bailey, a much-loved member of staff and respected referee who passed away in 2007. The 2nd XI game is played in memory of Alex Green, who left School in 2014 and tragically passed away in 2017.

With the Hampton 1st XI playing in the English Schools Football Association National Cup Final on the following Tuesday, it was hoped that the 1st XI game would be an even more convivial affair than usual. However, a few early goals, which led to a 2-1 lead for the Old Hamptonians meant that the game maintained its competitive edge. The game was finely poised at 2-2 at halftime, with goals from Chris Heritage OH (2006) and Hugo Sikuade OH (2010) for the Old Hamptonians.  The second half went back and forth with the School winning the game 4-3 with the final kick of the game, after Hugo Sikuade OH (2010) had levelled the game at 3-3.

The 2nd XI game was an equally entertaining match with the School team making the most of their slightly superior fitness to take a 4-1 lead. The Old Hamptonians fought back well in the last 20 minutes to score two goals but the School 2nd XI ended up convincing 5-3 winners. Goal scorers for the Old Hamptonians 2nd XI were Theo Walcott OH (2014), Thomas Bradbury OH (2018) and Max Foster OH (2014).

Old Hamptonians 1st XI Old Hamptonians 2nd XI
Adam Lee OH (2018)

Max Matchett OH (2017)

Will Davis OH (2018)

Jonny Meldram OH (2009) (Capt)

Matt Lane OH (2013)

Magnus Assmundson OH (2010)

George Gregory OH (2017)

James Dolman OH (2013)

Chris Heritage OH (2006)

Tom Larcombe OH (2003)

Mike Timbs OH (2010)

Hugo Sikuade OH (2010)

Matt Green

Mark Parsons OH (2013)

Alex Minshull OH (2018)

Sam Ernest OH (2018)

James Randall OH (2017)

Chris Cecil OH (2017)

Dave Green

Jack Scott-Gatty OH (2014)

David O’Brien OH (2014)

Jamie Clark OH (2010)

Calogero Scannella OH (2018)

George Cory OH (2019)

Sartej Tucker OH (2018)

Tarun Bath OH (2018)

Jack Newton OH (2018)

Jack Everett OH (2014)

Max Foster OH (2014)

Alex O’Mahoney OH (2014)

Alex Zubaidi OH (2014) (Capt)

Matt Nolan OH (2014)

Tyler Uffindel OH (2014)

Theo Walcott OH (2014)

Thomas Bradbury OH (2018)

Noah Chong OH (2018)

Jack Sice OH (2017)