Umesh Kumar OH (2007) encourages Hamptonians to think big

An entrepreneur is someone who sees opportunity everywhere, who doesn’t see problems or challenges but sees the opportunity to work out a solution.

Returning Hamptonian Umesh Kumar OH (2007) gave a thought-provoking presentation on what it takes to build a business, to today’s Hamptonians.

Umesh is a passionate advocate of entrepreneurship, having wide experience in start-ups, innovation, social enterprise and charitable initiatives.  Currently a Director and CEO of an exciting food start-up based in London providing healthy, Michelin star quality food to office workers across the city, Umesh offered valuable advice on how to have a successful career after Hampton:

Be different – choose the road less travelled but most importantly, be yourself.

Talking about the benefits that sport can offer current Hamptonians, he added “Sport teaches you humility, loss and failure as well as sharing success and moments with others, all experiences which you can take forward into your career.”

He also talked about the importance of taking the entrepreneurial spirit into all areas of life “Constantly evolve, think entrepreneurship and intrepreneurship in everything you do and you’ll succeed.”

His message to today’s Hamptonians is:

Believe in yourself and what it means to be at Hampton, and take every opportunity you can.  Dig deep, scare yourself and push yourself.  Find the inner you to take the next step.  To get further in life, sometimes you need to fall but you’ll also need to push yourself even further.  Constantly evolve and develop but be a good person and do good things.  Change the world – think big – because you can.