Transplant Surgeon talks Medicine with Young Hamptonians

Dr Ben Lindsey FRCS OH (1987) is a consultant vascular and renal transplant surgeon who trained in London, Southwest England and Cape Town.  His specific areas of interest include surgical training, medical management and research into  small calibre bypass grafts using principles of nanotechnology.

Meeting with a group of young Hamptonians interested in a career in medicine, Dr Lindsey spoke of the path he took into medicine and what continues to drive him.

He explained that surgeons are no longer the stereotypical academics with little bedside manner. The importance of dexterity as well as making decisions under pressure, working as a team, making ethical choices and showing empathy are amongst many things to consider.

Dr Lindsey urged the boys not to let the long road of training to become a doctor put them off, with the retirement age increasing year on year it is important to invest in your chosen career and to diversify with the time:

I engineered my success by making things happen. I found opportunities to develop and continue to learn.