The charity of Hamptonians

On this day 53 years ago, Keith Lester OH (1973) and fellow classmate, Paul Wright OH (1973), put their best foot forward to walk the bridges of London, in aid of Help the Aged.

From London, Southwark and Blackfriars to Hammersmith, Barnes and Chiswick, the Hamptonians walked 20-miles in under six hours.  Five ¾ hours to be precise! Raising the wonderful sum of £7 12s 0d. Keith’s full story can be read in the extract below from the 1967 Lion magazine.

After leaving Hampton, Keith went to Bristol University and studied German. He moved to Germany in 1977, where he still lives and has worked as a translator for the last 40 years.

Keith’s charitable giving has continued – he regularly donates blood and for many years, was a registered stem cell donor for leukemia patients.

These are things which I think every young, healthy person should consider.  Donating blood costs about half-an-hour two or three times a year; the stem cell test is simply collecting saliva and then you just sit back and wait to see whether you match up with someone who really needs your help.

Current Hamptonians follow in the footsteps of Keith and Paul, with Form Charity elections taking place every year.  Recently selected by the School, this year’s charities  Water Aid, ZSL London Zoo, F C Not Alone x CALM and Shooting Star Chase.

It’s good to see that charitable giving was as important 53 years ago as it is today and that charity remains at the heart of being a Hamptonian.