Nick Basannavar OH (2004) Virtual Assembly

Diversity is a reality and inclusion is a choice

A big thank you to Nick Basannavar OH (2004), who joined us ‘virtually’ for assembly today.

Nick is Head of Impact at Frost Included, a consultancy company who help organisations to understand the power of diversity and inclusion.

Joining them at the beginning of 2020, some of Nick’s clients have included global multinationals, media companies, academic and sporting organisations.

After leaving Hampton, Nick went on to study for a BA and MA in History at the University of Bristol. He then worked as an Assistant Language Teacher in Kagoshima, Japan for the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program.

In 2013, Nick joined Deloitte as an Associate Director, where he worked for six years, advising clients on global employment matters.  Having lived and taught in Japan, he continues to maintain strong relationships with Japanese organisations across the globe.

In 2018, he completed his PhD in History at the University of London under a Birkbeck scholarship. Nick has taught and lectured at Birkbeck on its British History undergraduate course.

He is passionate about sport and hosts a podcast about the England men’s football team with his brother, also a Hamptonian, Lee Basannavar OH (1989).