Management Consultant Stephen Harris OH (1978) Careers Lunch

Stephen Harris OH (1978) is a Director at an independent advisory group and an internationally recognised expert in Private Public Partnerships.

Meeting with a group of young Hamptonians interested in a career in business management, Stephen spoke passionately about his diverse career and the path he took after leaving the School.  After studying law at Brasenose College, Oxford and working as a solicitor, he moved into international financial services and PPP.  Having worked in 73 countries, given over 150 international presentations and in one year, spent 200 days away from home, Stephen spoke about the skills needed for a role like his:

Having the ability to communicate at all levels, think creatively and have experience of public speaking are all valuable skills to have.

Stephen also highlighted how important it was to gain experience:

Get as much work experience as you can.  The first thing an employer looks for is what experience you have, even if it’s only holiday work.  And if you have the chance to get international work experience, do it.  It’s fascinating but moreover, it’s really useful for your career.

Stephen is also a talented artist and was the Art Editor for The Lion. He was delighted to have the opportunity to see his artwork in old copies of the publication, which brought back good memories of his time at the School.