Life After Hampton Event

Have confidence in your abilities and don’t be afraid to pursue your passion.

Eight Hamptonians from the Class of 2010 returned today to speak to the Lower Sixth about their work and life experiences since leaving the School.

Taking part in the annual ‘Life after Hampton’ event, the returning alumni have pursued a variety of career paths ranging from music production and journalism to business management and consulting.

Current pupils were encouraged to work hard, make the most of every opportunity and not be influenced by others, especially when making decisions about their future.

It’s OK to make mistakes and to change your mind.  Take risks and keep learning.

Many thanks to Adil Manji OH (2010), Chris Madoc-Jones OH (2010), Jamie Clark OH (2010), Leo Wyatt OH (2010), Miles Horn OH (2010), Angus Fisk OH (2010), Barney Blackhurst OH (2010), Cem Dewilde OH (2010) for supporting the event.