Hamptonians Launch Rethink

Alex Bloom OH (2014) and Kinkit Wong OH (2014) have developed a party game inspired by product design tools and practices they have used throughout their education and work. They have launched the game on Kickstarter and you can take a look at their project here:


Alex discovered his passion for problem solving in the Design & Technology workshops at Hampton, during which he created an amphibious prosthetic limb for his A-Level project. He went on to study Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Design at Northwestern University in Chicago, whereby he contributed to a variety of social impact design projects. The summer before his last year of study, he was invited to work at an incubator in London on a project to reduce the damage to powered wheelchairs during air travel. Alex then travelled to Munich to complete a six month internship in Industrial Design with a surveying startup, where he further developed his design and manufacturing skills. Now he’s back in the US using his problem solving skills to improve efficiency for an electric bike share company.

Kinkit’s passion for product design started at Hampton in the Fourth Year;

Mr Sarpong called me up to present my ideas. Before this, I did not think what I had done was of interest. However, the reaction and feedback from Mr Sarpong will be forever etched in my memory. This one small event, where a teacher was impressed with my work and encouraged my creativity drove me to study Integrated Design Engineering at the University of Bath, interning at Bosch Professional Lawn and Garden and now achieving my dream job as a Product Design Engineer for a design consultancy. Now I’m designing all sorts from street cleaning robots to accessibility equipment, and I’m loving every second of it! Hampton gave me the drive to become a Product Designer by providing education, facilities, and inspirational teachers. I cannot thank them enough.

You can watch the campaign video for Rethink below.