Francis Highton OH (2009) – RowZambezi

I have been able to achieve what I have because of the passion instilled in me by Hampton School.

We were delighted to welcome back Francis Highton OH (2009) to the School on Monday 4 February, who gave an engaging presentation about his involvement in the 2018 charity expedition, RowZambezi.

Francis was part the team that rowed 900 km of the mighty Kafue River in Zambia, the largest tributary to the Zambezi River, raising over £50,000 for clean water projects.

A former Captain of Boats at Hampton, Francis studied Geography at Durham University before rowing full time for the Leander Club. He has represented Great Britain at both the U23 World Championships and at the World University Championships.

Francis spoke passionately about the 16-day expedition, which took the team through the Kafue National Park and along remote waters of the Kafue Flats, where they encountered challenging water conditions and dangerous wildlife, including hippos and crocodiles.

Francis summed up what the challenge had meant for him and had this message for current Hamptonians: 

I was fortunate enough to see with my own eyes, the difference being made by the clean water projects in the communities. If you want to make a difference, getting involved with a charity is the best thing you can do.