Luca Cericola OH (2016)

The Fitzwygram Foundation has one simple but transformative aim: to increase the number of Free Places available at Hampton School.

Luca is currently in his second year at Bath University, where he is studying Biochemistry and playing rugby for the University. At Hampton, Luca was an integral part of the Rugby 1st XV and a School Vice-Captain.

“I was given a free place at Hampton and I knew that I had to make the most of my time at the School. Throughout my time I wanted to repay the School for giving me such an incredible opportunity. It was an absolute pleasure to get involved with as many sporting, social and academic opportunities as I could and I continuously pushed myself to my limits to ensure that I achieved my goals. Hampton gave me the chance to explore and express my potential in all aspects of life and this is something I simply could not have even dreamed of until I was awarded a free place to Hampton.”