50 Free Places

The Fitzwygram Foundation has one simple but transformative aim: to increase the number of Free Places available at Hampton School.

Our aim: an additional 50 Free Places, called Fitzwygram Scholarships, at Hampton School by 2025.

Why Fitzwygram?  Fitzroy Fitzwygram was a Victorian benefactor and local Vicar who used his own money to fund schooling for Hampton children.  He maintained the tradition of our first Benefactor, Robert Hammond, and set out the example for our future.

Why 2025? It is the 50th anniversary of Hampton becoming an independent school in 1975.

Why 50? One for each year of independence, so an extra 50 free places for 50 years on.

As you would expect, the School is fully committed to this cause and we are doing all we can.  In 2020-2021, Hampton School is providing over 70 Free Places, while providing financial help to another 30 boys’ families.  We aspire to do a great deal more, but Hampton has no historic financial endowment and this limits the number of pupils we can currently support.  An additional 50 Free Places will more than double those available to local boys, who would benefit beyond measure from an education at our School, as so many Hamptonians can attest.

This is why the Fitzwygram Foundation will make a huge difference.

We are grateful for the support and generosity that we have already received, and we are delighted that two Fitzwygram Scholarships have already been endowed: the first two Fitzwygram Scholars will be joining us in September 2018. These boys would not be coming to Hampton without our benefactors’ generosity and the School is incredibly grateful.

We hope that Hamptonians, past and current parents, and other supporters of Hampton School, will share our vision and support the Foundation and its aims.

How to make your gift:

Regular donation – Please complete the online form

Single gift – Please complete the online form

Please call us on 0208 783 4406 or email Fitzwygram@hamptonschool.org.uk if you have any questions or would like to discuss making a donation to the Fitzwygram Foundation.