First Day 50 Years On

On the first day of the Autumn Term 2019, we were delighted to welcome back Hamptonians from the Class of 1976, who, fifty years ago walked up the School drive for their first day at Hampton.

We were amazed to see John Tye OH (1976) return in his perfectly-fitting old school uniform, as well as Andy Moore OH (1976), who sported his old School blazer adorned with his sporting colours.

It was also a pleasure to have in attendance Andrew Hodgson OH (1970), who joined his brother Richard Hodgson OH (1976), and Martin Carter OH (1977).

The Hamptonians; Gerry Rhoades-Brown OH (1976), Richard Alvey OH (1976), David Amos OH (1976), Robert Brook OH (1976), Geoffrey Caldwell OH (1976), Andrew Osgood OH (1976), Mick Fegan OH (1976), John Harrison OH (1976), Graham Marley OH (1976), Stephen Price OH (1976), Chet Selwood OH (1976), Simon Shields OH (1976) and Martin Smidman OH (1976) enjoyed a tour of the School and, over lunch, shared memories of their time at Hampton and beyond.