Charlie Marcus OH (2018) coxes Cambridge to Boat Race victory

In the 166th Boat Race between Cambridge and Oxford, Charlie Marcus OH (2018) steered the Cambridge boat to an edge of your seat victory. The race was moved from the traditional setting of the Tideway on the Thames to Ely in Cambridgeshire due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Wearing his Hampton socks, Charlie played a pivotal role in the victory with tactically astute steering. Speaking on BBC one following the race;

“I had to be as far over as I could. I never fouled them, so that’s what I had to do. About three strokes before the finish was when I thought we had this won.”

Charlie is studying Engineering at Trinity College, Cambridge and becomes to the fourth Hamptonian to cox in the Boat Race following; Neil Chugani OH (1987), Christian Cormack OH (1995) and Sam Collier OH (2014).