Career’s lunch with Chiropractor Nick Metcalfe OH (2004)

Working with a patient who’s in great pain and helping them become pain free, that’s why I do what I do.

Fifteen years after leaving Hampton, Nick Metcalfe OH (2004) returned to the School for a lunch with current Hamptonians interested in sports medicine.

Nick, who is a sports chiropractor and owner of two multi-disciplinary clinics in South West London, spoke about how he became interested in the discipline, after being treated for a bad back whilst rowing at the School.  After treatment, he was able to go on to row in the Junior European Championships, winning a bronze medal. This recovery drove him to learn more about the role and to shadow a practitioner, which ultimately lead him to his career as a chiropractor.  As well as his as private clinics, Nick also works at Fulham Football Club.

Over the careers lunch, Nick spoke about how varied and diverse his work is: “As a chiropractor, I get to work in many different environments, dealing with a broad mix of people and issues.  No week is the same.”

He also encouraged the boys to build experiences and broaden their focus when thinking about sports medicine:

Keep your options open, think outside the box.  You don’t have to take the traditional route into medicine.