Old Hamptonian Lodge

The School Freemasons’ lodge has existed since 1938 and welcomes, either as new members or as joining members (those from other lodges), ‘sons and friends of Hampton School’, which have included many old boys, masters and parents. For many years the Lodge has sponsored a School prize for social services. The Old Hamptonian Lodge, No. 5730, is one of around 250 school- and university-based lodges and has particularly strong links with university lodges, especially those in Oxford and Cambridge – there is a growing number of undergraduates who have joint membership of not only OH but also their university lodge, where applicants may seek admission from the age of 18 years, at a reduced subscription. Freemasonry is not a secret society (despite popular rumours!); its moral, charitable and social ethos attracts many applicants for university and school membership.  Each year the Lodge holds four lodge meetings and an outreach dinner (for all-comers!) in London.

Further details can be found at https://oldhamptonian.org/