Assembly and Career’s Lunch with James Lawson OH (2009)

The best application of AI is when you don’t know AI is being used.

Ten years after leaving Hampton, we were delighted to welcome back James Lawson OH (2009), who gave a fascinating insight into the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI), when he joined us in assembly today.

After leaving Hampton, James went on to read PPE at Oxford before joining Deloitte as a management consultant.  James has spent the last three years working in AI, supporting business to transform through AI-powered products, including Robotic Process Automation and Intelligent Automation.  Talking about his work and how industry and processes are benefiting from AI, he gave the following advice to current pupils:

Take your studies at Hampton seriously – when you leave, you’ll not only be competing against your peers, but also machinery and automation.  Embrace the machines, and you will have a more positive and fruitful life.

Never stop learning and acquiring new skills.  In the future AI may remove jobs and roles, so be open to picking up new skills throughout your career.

James also gave an interview to Hampton Radio and shared his experience and advice at a well-attended careers lunch with current pupils.