Dr Barney Gilbert OH (2009)

For doctors of every grade, in every specialty, much of the clinical work remains administrative (and not yet automated). As a junior doctor Barney spent most of his time collecting and carrying out a task list – booking and chasing scans or blood results, prescribing medicines, and referring patients to other specialties or to other members of the multidisciplinary team.

With clinical staff still expected to communicate via pagers, first used in the 1950s, Barney set about solving the communication problem. The initial survey across 60 NHS Trusts showed that 92% of clinical staff would find a purpose-built communication app useful.

The Forward app empowers clinical staff to communicate instantly and securely within connected hospital networks, freeing up doctors and clinical staff to do the clinical work we’ve been trained for. Currently in ‘open beta’ phase across several hospitals in London and the South East, the reach and team are rapidly expanding with the hope that in the near future every staff member in the NHS will be able to communicate brilliantly with the right person, just when they need to.

You can find more information here: http://forwardapp.co.uk/