Third Year Entry

If your son has friends who will be joining Hampton in September or who are already in the School and would like to be in the same form, please provide details below. It is also helpful to us when constructing form groups for us to know your nearest town and your son’s preferred sport. (Please note that all information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence.)
  • (Please note that while we will try to place your son with at least one of his friends we are not able to offer any guarantees. Names listed below will not be treated as an order of preference)
  • In confidence, please also state any boys you would prefer your son not to be in a form with and the reasons for this request. *Please note, while we will make every effort to accommodate any requests, due to subject choices and timetabling constraints we are not able to offer any guarantees.
  • (Please note that at this stage you are not choosing a sports option, further details regarding sports options will be sent to you in due course)