13+ Entry

Boys attending independent prep schools which finish at the end of Year 8 are invited to apply for entry the the Third Year (Year 9). The boys who join at 13+ enjoy a smooth transition, settling in quickly, shining academically and gaining places in teams and activities.

There is a level playing field for entry and no difference in the overall A level outcomes between boys who join at 11+ and 13+. There is also no truth in the suggestion that it is easier to gain entry at one point rather than the other.

Entry is via the School’s own Pre-test and applicants are tested in English, Mathematics and Words and Reasoning in the January of Year 6. Places are awarded in February and acceptances required in the January of Year 7.

Applicants who are not successful in the Year 6 Pre-test may sit the 12+ completely afresh the following January when they are in Year 7. These assessments are also open to boys who have not sat before.

Please note that candidates may only sit for one entry point, either 11+ or 13+ but not both.   Offers made for one entry point can also not be transferred to another point, for example the offer of a place in the Third Year at 13+ may not be transferred to entry into the First Year at 11+ and vice versa.

Key Dates for 13+ entry in September 2021 and 2022

12+ Year 7 Pre-test for entry in September 2021

Closing date for registration Tuesday 1 October 2019
12+ Pre-test Tuesday 7 January 2020 (morning)
Interviews for selected candidates Monday 13 January 2020
Offer letters posted Friday 17 January 2020
Deadline for acceptance of offer Friday 31 January 2020

13+ Year 6 Pre-test for entry in September 2022

Closing date for registration Friday 1 November 2019
13+ Pre-test Monday 6 January 2020
13+ Pre-test interviewsThursday 23 January and Friday 24 January 2020
Offer letters postedThursday 13 February 2020 (to arrive on Friday 14 February 2020)
Confirmation of First Choice letters postedEarly January 2021
Common Academic Scholarship ExaminationEarly May 2022

The Admissions Process

To help you navigate your way through the admissions process, please follow the step by step guide below:

Step 1

Arrange a visit

We hope that our website provides you with a snapshot of the unique atmosphere of Hampton School, however, there is no substitute for a visit. We hold regular Visitors’ Afternoons throughout the year. These events are designed to give you an overview of the School and include a tour and the opportunity to meet staff and pupils. Please click here to arrange a visit.

Step 2

Register your son

Before sitting the entrance exam your son must first be registered with the School.

To register your son, please complete the online registration form using the link above.

Your registration will be acknowledged on receipt and your son’s details entered onto our database. Information about the entrance assessments will be sent to you approximately 6 – 8 weeks before the exam.

The closing date for registration for entry at 13+ is 1 November preceding the Year 6 examination or the 1 October preceding the Year 7 examination.

Please click here to check the year of entry for your son.

Step 3

The Entrance Assessments

The entrance assessments combine academic testing with a school reference and interview and aim to identify boys who will be happy and thrive at the School. The written Pre-test is on similar lines to 11+ entrance exam.

The written examination

The written examination consists of three papers:

English Response & Composition (2 x 30 minutes)

Words & Reasoning (40 minutes)

Mathematics (55 minutes)

We set our own papers which are designed to identify potential rather than test what has been taught. Past papers are not released but the commercially available 11+ papers can provide useful practice. Further information on the written papers.

We are pleased to allow extra time and make reasonable adjustments in the entrance examination for a learning difficulty or disability, if a recommendation is made by an appropriate expert. We will also seek evidence of history and need of provision from the candidate’s current school. Applications for special arrangements in the entrance examination must be made in writing before the first Friday in November prior to the January Pre-test.

Special Access Arrangements

The School Reference

Approximately eight weeks before the entrance exam we shall write to your son’s current Head to request a confidential report in support of his application.

The interview

Boys showing potential in the written assessments are invited for interview with a member of our teaching staff. The interview is an important part of our decision making process and provides boys with a further opportunity to shine. The interviews are general in nature and usually last around 20 minutes. Not all boys who sit the written assessments are invited for interview and not all boys interviewed are offered a place.

Step 4

Offers and Acceptances

Offers are currently conditional on a satisfactory performance in the Common Entrance or Common Academic Scholarship Examinations which candidates sit in the summer of Year 8 prior to entry. From September 2020 onwards entry to Hampton at 13+ will cease to be conditional upon CE scores. Places at 13+ will be offered subject to receipt of a final Prep School report showing that appropriate levels of effort and attainment have been maintained since the Pre-test. 

A non-refundable deposit of £1,600 is required to accept the offer of a place.