13+ Entry

We are delighted to have a large 13+ transfer to Hampton. Each year, around 55 boys join the Third Year (Year 9) from independent prep schools which finish at the end of Year 8.  The boys who join at 13+ enjoy a smooth transition, settling in quickly, shining academically and gaining places in teams and activities.

There is a level playing field for entry and no difference in the overall A level outcomes between boys who join at 11+ and 13+.  There is also no truth in the suggestion that it is easier to gain entry at one point rather the other.

The admissions process begins in Year 6 and entry is via our own Pre-test, interview and school reference.

Candidates who are not successful in the Year 6 Pre-test may sit the 12+ completely afresh in Year 7.  Our 12+ assessments are also open to boys who have not sat before.


12+ (for entry at 13+ 2023)

1 October 2021Closing date for new registrations for 12+ Exam (13+ 2023 entry)
Saturday 4 December 202112+ exam (for 13+ 2023 entry)
Friday 7 January 2022
12+ interviews for selected candidates
Tuesday 18 January 2022 Results of 12+ Pre-test posted to parents (emailed) (13+ entry 2023)
Friday 28 January 2022Deadline for accepting places (13+ entry 2023)

13+ Pre-test (for entry 13+ 2024)

Monday 1 November 2021 Closing date for registration for 13+ entry 2024
Closing date for Bursary applications for 13+ entry 2024
Saturday 4 December 202113+ Pre-test (for 13+ entry 2024)
Early January 2022Interview decisions and interviews (at Hampton)
Friday 11 February 2022Results of 13+ Pre-test (for 13+ entry 2024) posted to parents (email)
January 2023Deadline for accepting places (for 13+ entry 2024)

The Application Process

Visiting us

Please come and visit us before applying, we would be delighted to welcome you and spending time with our teachers and boys will help you decide if Hampton ‘feels right’ for your son.


All boys must be registered with Hampton to sit the entrance exam.  To register your son, please complete our online registration form.

The 13+ Pre-test & 12+ exam

Our entrance assessments combine academic testing with a school reference and interview and aim to identify boys who will be happy and thrive at our School. Candidates sit a written Pre-test in Year 6 and are assessed in:

  • Creative Writing (30 minutes)
  • Words & Reasoning (40 minutes)
  • Maths (45 minutes)

The 12+ exam is similar in format to the Year 6 Pre-test but age adjusted.  Further information about our written papers is available here.

We are pleased to allow extra time and make reasonable adjustments in our entrance exams for candidates with a specific learning difficulty, disability or long term medical condition, or for candidates for whom English is an Additional Language.  A recommendation from an appropriate expert is required and we also request evidence of history and need of provision from the candidate’s current school.  Applications for special arrangements in our entrance exams must be made before 1 November prior to the exam.

Special Access Arrangements

Supporting Reference

A confidential reference is requested from candidates’ current school prior to the entrance exam.

The Interviews

Candidates who demonstrate potential in the written assessments are invited for interview.  The interviews play a key role in our decision-making and enable us to get to know our candidates as people and to explore not only their academic and all-round potential, but also their ‘fit’ with our Hampton ethos and values. Candidates meet separately with two members of our teaching staff for around 30 minutes in total. Not all candidates are invited for interview and not all boys who are interviewed are offered a place.

Offers & Acceptances 

  • Year 6 Pre-test – offers are made in February and acceptances required at the beginning of January of the following year
  • 12+ exam – offers will be made in late January and acceptances required within 10 days of offer


Please note that it is not possible to sit for both 11+ and 13+ entry.  Boys are assessed in Year 6 and offers for both the 11+ and 13+ entry points are made in the February.