11+ Entry

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic we are making some changes to our admissions procedures this year, to ensure that our processes remain as fair as possible to all candidates.

All boys wishing to be considered for entry to Hampton at 11+ in September 2021 will be required to sit the ISEB pre-test during the autumn term. This is a widely used and respected online test for children moving from primary or prep schools to selective secondary schools and our decision has been made following extensive consultation across the sector and in agreement with other leading independent schools. The tests are designed to identify potential and innate ability as well as what pupils have been taught and learnt.

There are four sections: Maths, English, Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning and no specific preparation is required.  We hope that the tests will help compensate for the disruption to teaching and learning that pupils have experienced during Year 5.

We have taken the decision, along with other independent schools, to move the exam forward to November/December 2020. This enables us to significantly reduce the risk of disruption from further restrictions and ensures that any boy wishing to be considered for Hampton has the opportunity to be assessed.


Some boys will be able to take the tests at their current school and we have asked schools to ensure that pupils sit the tests no later than Saturday 5 December 2020.

Candidates whose schools do not run the ISEB Pre-tests, will be invited to sit the assessments at Hampton on either the morning or afternoon of Saturday 28 November or Saturday 5 December.

Full details of this year’s 11+ admissions procedures are available HERE.

Please note that it is not possible to apply for both 11+ and 13+ entry.  All boys are assessed in year 6 and offers for both the 11+ and 13+ entry points are made in February.

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