Art Scholarships

Art Scholarships may be awarded to boys joining the First and Third Year and aim to encourage those with artistic potential to develop their talent for their own fulfilment as well as to contribute creatively to the School’s artistic life.

Applications will be open during the Autumn Term,using an online form.  They should be supported by the candidate’s current Headteacher and a link to the Headteacher’s Report Form will be available on submission of the online application form.


Assessments for the Art Scholarship are held in the January prior to the September of entry.Candidates should expect to complete a short drawing and/or painting test both individually and as a group. Candidates are also asked to bring along a portfolio of their recent work which will be reviewed as part of the assessment.

The following are suggestions of what may be included:

  • No more than 10 sheets of two dimensional work in an A2 or A1 portfolio, including examples of drawings and paintings from observation (still life, portraits, landscapes) as well as imaginative pieces
  • Examples of 3D work – to avoid the risk of damage, we would prefer photographs to be taken and included in the portfolio rather than the work itself
  • Examples of photography, textiles and printmaking

Only work completed in the last two years should be presented.  Sketch books may also be included.


All awards are subject to annual review.  They are dependent on continued excellent attitude and performance in the assessment areas and on approach to school and schoolwork in general.

The School reserves the right not to award an Art Scholarship if, in the assessors’ opinion, the candidates are not of a sufficiently high standard.