All Rounder Scholarships

All-rounder Scholarships are awarded to boys entering the First Year and Third Year with high academic ability and excellence in three of the following skill areas: Art, Chess, Drama, Music or Sport.  Candidates of considerable ability in two areas may offer those two skills only and those with exceptional ability in Sport, Chess or Drama may offer that area only.  To be eligible for assessment in Music as part of the All-rounder Scholarship, candidates must have attained at least Grade 3 standard (at age 11) or Grade 4 standard (at age 13) in their chosen instrument.

Please note that this scholarship is extremely competitive and most candidates offer three skill areas.

For candidates offering Art and Music only there are separate scholarships.

Academic ability is an integral part of the All-rounder Awards.  Only boys who attain a sufficiently high academic standard in the 11+ Entrance Examination or 13+ Pre-test will be considered for the All-rounder Scholarship.

Hampton School will not offer a candidate a scholarship if he has already accepted an award offered by another school.

Further information including assessment dates and application forms will be available during the Autumn Term.


Applications will be open in the Autumn Term. They should be supported by the candidate’s current Headteacher and a link to the Headteacher’s Report Form will be available on submission of the online application form.