Why Hampton?

Hampton boys come from a wide range of backgrounds and there is no archetypal Hamptonian. Hear from some of our parents on why they chose Hampton for their son. If you would like the opportunity to speak to a current parent about their experience of Hampton School, please contact the Admissions team who will be happy to arrange this for you


Jane Hamilton, Mum of Third Year, Alec

Choosing to educate your son privately is a major decision. As first time ‘private’ parents, we did weeks of research, speaking to school heads, former pupils and current parents. We also visited several schools but only one stood out – Hampton. The School was alive with energy, ambition and opportunity, but the boys were kind, considerate, thoughtful and grounded.

The facilities are wonderful, the co-curricular opportunities second to none, and living in a fast-changing world, the School’s reputation for social inclusivity and its unique Fitzwygram Foundation stood out.

Whoever your son is, and whatever his interests, he will find his place here. Our son could not be happier to be part of the Hampton family.



James Helm, Father of Three Hamptonians

My eldest son, Joseph, has just finished at Hampton, and I have two other boys who are currently going through the School. We had moved to the area a couple of years before Joseph started, and I remember how my wife and I listened to what other parents of boys thought and advised on secondary schools.

Joseph passed the Hampton exam and was offered a scholarship to the school, which helped our decision. Looking back, it was absolutely the right choice for him and for us. The spirit and ethos of the School, the teaching, the breadth of activities, and the pastoral care have all been impressive. This has all really shone through during the uncertainties of lockdown and the return to the classroom. It is a wonderful place, led and staffed by fine people who really care about the boys all-round development. I would recommend Hampton to prospective parents for its values more than anything.



Kohila Kalavannan, Mum of Koby, who qualified for a Free Place at Hampton and who is now studying Medicine at Cambridge University

We weren’t originally considering private education for Koby. Finances were an issue and we had an offer from a good local grammar school. However, as soon as we walked through the doors of Hampton School we knew it was the right place for him. It felt like home. Everyone was so welcoming and we were impressed with how many opportunities were on offer.  It was important to us that Koby didn’t spend all his time concentrating on his studies, we wanted him to receive an all-round education and learn about the importance of community and caring for others.

Hampton has helped Koby fulfil his dream of studying medicine and we are so proud of him. The School hasn’t only prepared our son for university, it has prepared him for life beyond.



Michelle and Steven King, Mum and Dad of Third Year Josh

Our son, Josh, is now in the Third Year at Hampton. At the age of 11, he was in the fortunate position of having various offers from different schools for secondary education. There were numerous things that made Hampton stand out, however. The first was the ethos of the school, which marries high academic standards with numerous co-curricular activities, giving an excellent rounded education. This was extremely important to Josh, who is a keen footballer, but also interested in a range of sports. The second was the approach of the headmaster, Kevin Knibbs, who always gave the impression that he was interested in the welfare of every child in the school. His personal approach with prospective parents and children spoke volumes. We have always found that the success of a school mirrors the character of the headmaster, and that is certainly true of Hampton. Finally, during visits and the examination and interview process we felt that the School had a very caring and nurturing approach, coupled with a clear philosophy of supporting children from all backgrounds. We can honestly say that we would recommend Hampton to anyone.