We are committed to recruiting boys who will flourish at Hampton regardless of their financial means and welcome applications from boys whose parents cannot afford the fees in full or in part. Bursaries are means-tested and the value is related to an applicant’s circumstances and may be up to 100% of fees. Boys may hold both a Bursary and a Scholarship. Scholarships are awarded on merit irrespective of means.

The application process

Applications for a Bursary must be made in a letter or email to the Admissions Manager.  A confidential means testing application form will need to be completed.

  • For 11+ entry the School must be informed of the requirement for a Bursary before the first Friday in December prior to the January entrance examination*.
  • For 13+ entry the School must be informed of the requirement for a Bursary before the first Friday in December prior to the January Pre-test.
  • For 16+ entry (Sixth Form) the School must be informed of the requirement for a Bursary before the 1 March prior to the September of proposed entry.

*Please note that candidates who secure an 11+ place through the 10+ Advance Place examination and wish to be considered for a Bursary must sit the 11+ Entrance and Scholarship examination.

The value of the Bursary (percentage of fees remitted) is assessed before an offer of a place is made and for 13+ entry is re-assessed prior to entry into the School. Bursaries are reviewed annually.

The School also offers a small number of Free Places, in consultation with the Bursar, remitting 100% of fees as well as reasonable School-related expenditure.


The award of a Bursary is subject to satisfactory performance in the entrance examination or Pre-test.  If the demand for Bursaries exceeds the number available, Bursaries will be awarded with reference to performance in the entrance assessment.  A small number of Bursaries are awarded for Sixth Form entry.  In such situations, the Bursar will assess applications following the Sixth Form interviews.

The continued tenure of a Bursary is subject to satisfactory performance and good conduct and adherence to the School’s Terms and Conditions. Bursaries may be awarded at any time during a boy’s time at the School in cases of unforeseen hardship or temporary difficulty, to ensure continuity of education in deserving cases.

As parents’ circumstances are different, criteria for qualifying for a Bursary are not disclosed and are confidential to the School.  All aspects of a parent’s income are taken into account including salary(ies), assets, including property, other income, siblings and other relevant factors.

The Bursar is available to advise parents considering an application for a Bursary in advance of the application being made.

Subsidised / Free Places for 11+ Entry

There are already several boys in the School on substantial bursaries (up to 100%) and every year we seek to offer a number of places, for entry to the First Year (Year 7), to boys who do sufficiently well in our entrance tests and whose parents need assistance with the fees.

These places carry a bursary of up to 100% remission of fees plus additional help with uniform and other costs if justified. Due to our existing commitment to welcoming boys from a wide range of social backgrounds, we are confident that the holders of these bursaries will not feel out of place at Hampton. Please note that the vast majority of our First Year (Year 7) intake comes from maintained primary schools.

To be considered for a free or subsidised place boys need to be successful in our entrance assessments and parents need to satisfy the Bursar that they are unable to pay the fees. The whole matter is conducted in complete confidence.

If you wish to register your son for Hampton School and apply for one of these bursaries please complete the registration form and return to the Admissions Office with the registration fee of £125 and a short letter explaining that you wish your son to be considered for a subsidised place.

If you have further questions on this matter please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office 020 8979 9273 email admissions@hamptonschool.org.uk