Third Year Prizegiving 2016-2017

Form Prizes for Academic Excellence

3A          Christopher Austin, Vlad Penzyev

3B          Samuel Axford, Rhys Calder, Peter Godun

3C          Harry Attwell, Maxi Grindley, Sam Power

3D          Jamie Benson, Robbie Cox

3E           Egor Kaygorodov, Arjun Samra

3F           Thomas Holland, Giulio Reid Thomas

3G          Johnny Powell, Anthony Wang

3H          Oscar Nolan, Toby Robinson

3J           Louis Bird, Tobias Droy


Tutors’ Prizes for All-round Achievement and Contribution to School Life

3A          Charlie Close, Jacob O’Loughlin

3B          Fedor Ivanov, Josh Van’t Hoff

3C          Matthew Avant-Smith, Saul Morrison

3D          Leo Gregory, Cameron Hair

3E          Hojae Lim, Tom Patterson

3F          Jake Amor, Oscar Murphy

3G         Joshua Culshaw, Jack Slaney

3H         Eliot Patient, Charlie Sutton

3J          Saahil Dhawan, Tobias Droy


Headmaster’s Merit Prizes

Matthew Cresswell, Declan Connolly, Pravin Kiritharan, Hari Prabhu, Arjun Samra, Xavier Tinsley-Roy


Parents’ Association Prizes

Art                                                                                Thomas Cross

Original Work                                                                Ross Hyde

School Prizes for Original Work

This year these prizes have been awarded for RS projects on Heroes of Non-Violence and for outstanding work in English, which included the English Reading Project

Josh Bartholomew, Theo Bailey, Matthew Cresswell, Thomas Cross, Maxi Grindley, Jake Manketo, Jack Murphy, Pranav Pandey, Zachary Whelan


Prize for Original Work in the field of Art

Oscar Nolan


HELP Project Prizes

Christopher Austin, Theo Bailey, Matthew Cresswell, Maxi Grindley, Jack Murphy, Pranav Pandey

Co-curricular prizes

Music Society Junior Cup                Jack Lucas

Music Prize                                      Tobias Droy

Chess Prize                                     Alfie Onslow

Rugby Prize                                     Jamie Benson, Tim Lamming

Football Prize                                  Declan Connolly, Joshua Culshaw

Rowing Prize                                   Joshua Breadmore, Ben Martis-Jones

Athletics Prize                                 Milo Choudry, Dylan Dyson-Holland, James McMullin, Tom Netterfield, Sami Omaar

Cricket Prize                                    Keiran Downer, Tanmay Thanawalla

Tennis Prize                                     Theo Radicopoulos, Sam Sparrow
Junior Skiing Cup                            Sam Schomberg


Head of Year Prizes for Contribution to School life

Declan Connolly, Farhan Hussain, Conor Turpin-Clifford, Rupert Reddish


Harris Prize

William Jagla


Headmaster’s Prize for Academic Distinction

Alex Colvin


Mistresses’ Prize

Matthew Cresswell