Third Year Prizegiving 2017-2018

Prizes for the Academic Year 2017-2018


Form Prizes for Academic Excellence

Abhinand Sundaram, Samaksh Agarwal, Jay Heading, William Conyers, Ben Francis, Ben Strong, Sohan Sodhi, Jack Dale, Sam Colvine, Theo Back, Luke Michels, James Radford, Ali Platt, Andrew Lees, Pallav Bagchi, Teddy Jerome, Billy Hutchings, James Kerr 

Tutors’ Prizes for All-round Achievement and Contribution to School Life

Xavier Murtagh, Luca Parrish, Emad Khan, Luke Jansen, George Dillingham, Sam Colvine, Sam Davidson, Charles May, Edward Finnett, Luke McNamara, Luke Prisk, Noah Wood, Conor Bleach, Cameron Slade, Joel Arulpragasm, Tom Norman, Jake Murray, Oliver Donald

Headmaster’s Merit Prizes

Ben Strong, William Fryer, Rohan Vasudev, Samaksh Agarwal, Jay Saha, Ben Francis, Ethan Clapham

Parents’ Association Prizes

Original Art Work                                                                              

Louis Middleton                                                                               

School Prizes for Original Work

This year these prizes have been awarded for RS projects on Heroes of Non-Violence, for their Devised Play in Drama, for Robotics work and for outstanding work in English, which included the English Reading Project

Nayaaz Hashim, Rizwan Hatimi, Quentin Duff, Toby Kerr, Ryan Budd, Sam Evans, Cameron Slade, Charlie Beerman, Olly Coles, Luke Prisk, Jonah Blake, Jai Saha, Abhinand Sundaram, Sam Colvine

Prize for Original Work in the field of Art

Ludo Bellamy

HELP Project Prizes

Samaksh Agarwal, Jonah Blake, Fergus MacEacharn, Abhinand Sundaram, Rizwan Hatimi, Nayaaz Hashim, Alex Mehta


Co-curricular Awards

Music Prize

Daniel Morgan

Chess Prize

Riyaaz Khan

Rugby Prize

Ethan Knight

Football Prize

Jonah Blake & Sandy Mitchell

Rowing Prize

Sam Davidson & Charlie May

Athletics Prize

Louis Middleton, Neo Sukhraj Hammerl, Antonio Polleri

Cricket Prize

Oliver Stokes

Tennis Prize

Manu Prasad


Head of Year Prizes for Contribution to School life

Sandy Mitchell, Oliver Pulfrey-Baker, Louis Middleton, Cameron Slade

Harris Prize

Jack East 

Headmaster’s Prize for Academic Distinction

Daniel Morgan

Mistresses’ Prize

Alexander Mehta