Gifts of Shares, Equities and Securities

You can donate shares, equities or securities to the Fitzwygram Foundation. You can often make substantial tax savings as these donations receive income tax relief of 100% of their market value. For further information see the page here.

Payroll Giving

You can give money to the Fitzwygram Foundation directly from your salary, a company pension or a personal pension using the Payroll Giving scheme. This is a cost-effective way for donors to give because the donation is given before any tax is deducted. You can give to as many charities as you want under the Payroll Giving scheme, and cancel agreements at any time, if required. For further information on Payroll Giving please see the Gov.UK information page here.

Giving through CAF

You can donate to the Fitzwygram Foundation through CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) here.

Employer Gift Matching Schemes

Many companies have schemes through which they match an employee’s gifts to charity. If your company offers a scheme like this to enable employees to give please consider supporting the Fitzwygram Foundation.