Remembering the Fitzwygram Foundation in your will

Supporting the Fitzwygram Foundation with a gift or donation in your will has a lasting impact on future Hamptonians.  Named in honour of one of our earliest benefactors, Robert Hammond, The Hammond Society celebrates and recognises those who have chosen to make a bequest to The Fitzwygram Foundation. Many people are not in a position to make a contribution in their lifetime, but a legacy can be a final tribute to Hampton, helping to provide life-changing opportunities to future generations.

In general, legacy gifts made to The Fitzwygram Foundation, during your lifetime or on your death, are exempt from inheritance tax. Bequests made to charities can be deducted from the net value of your estate, which reduces your inheritance tax liability. A solicitor is the best person to advise on this and will be able to help you decide what would be right for you. The inheritance tax threshold is usually reviewed in the UK Government’s budget announcement each year and information on the current level is always available from their website.

Legacy Pledge: Keeping the Foundation informed

If you are happy to do so, please let us know if you intend to leave a legacy or, if you wish to discuss your plans further, please contact the Alumni Office on 020 8783 4406.  Any correspondence or discussions will be treated in the strictest confidence.