Hampton is a friendly, lively and unpretentious school for boys.

The School is a community where success is based upon achievement rather than the pursuit of narrowly defined targets.

We welcome academically-minded pupils from both maintained and independent schools, irrespective of ethnic group and background, and of their religious or non-religious beliefs.

We encourage every boy to develop his full academic potential and to develop skills for life through the wide range of cultural, spiritual and sporting opportunities on offer.

We believe that education is not only about acquiring knowledge and skills but about developing a spirit of intellectual enquiry in a caring, stimulating and enjoyable environment.

We aspire to enable our boys not only to make sense of the world but also to want to go out and improve it.

Above all, our aim is for those leaving Hampton to be open-minded, tolerant and full of conviction, to have a clear sense of right and wrong, and to aim for personal success while supporting those around them with kindness.


attract and educate

boys of academic and all-round ambition from a wide range of schools

to provide

them with

a challenging and stimulating education

a friendly and supportive environment

to develop

in our pupils

the desire to achieve their full academic potential

a participative but critical approach to learning

a helpful and committed attitude to their School and the community

respect for self and others

involvement in co-curricular activities

skills for life at university and beyond

We Attempt to achieve

these aims through

a broad and balanced curriculum

an established system of pastoral care

a co-operative and collaborative relationship with the community

an extensive range of co-curricular activities

the recruitment and development of excellent teaching and support staff

the development and maintenance of our site and its facilities