The afternoon of the conference will be dedicated to a range of workshops run by specialists in this area. There are seven different workshops to select from and delegates are invited to choose two of these. Please see details on the content of the workshops below and then make your selection for session 1 and session 2 on the bookings page.

Digital Safety Workshops


From ‘sextortion’ to ‘roasting’, Charlotte Robertson from Digital Awareness UK will give teachers an insight into two of the biggest issues young people currently face in the online space; sexting and cyber-bullying. Charlotte will offer guidance on how sexting and cyberbullying manifest themselves, their impact and how schools can try to tackle these issues head-on.

Tech Addiction

‘Screen Time’, ‘FOMO’ (fear of missing out) and ‘Sleep Deprivation’ – tech consumption and mental health issues are inextricably linked. Emma Robertson from Digital Awareness UK will share research into this area and offer guidance on how device usage policies, role modelling, parental engagement and education can be effectively implemented to protect pupils from over-use and addiction.

Body Image & Online Identity

Psychotherapist and body image specialist Hollli Rubin will address the difficulties facing teenagers whilst navigating on versus off line friendships and relationships. She will discuss the importance of  body image and the associated pressures young people experience when presenting and maintaining an online persona, whilst attempting to figure out who they are in the world. These pressures often impact upon teenagers’ self-esteem and overall mental health.

Protecting Teachers Online

Teachers also find themselves victims of online abuse, trolling or dificulties caused by past events left behind in their ‘digital footprint’ – it is essential that teachers understand how to protect themselves online. Using real life case studies, Chantel Gohil Gray from Digital Awareness UK will advise on how to do so.

Mental Health & Digital Wellbeing

Experienced school counsellor, Michael Uccelli MBACP (Accred), will explore problems linked with use of popular social media accounts, online gaming and gambling. Using case studies he will discuss the potential impact upon young peoples’ mental health and wellbeing and offer guidance on what steps teachers can take to help the pupils in their care.

Teachers & Parents working together

Sophie Linington from Parent Zone will offer guidance on how teachers can work with parents in addressing digital safety and building digital resilience in today’s young people.

Sharing Best Practice

Owen Morris (Deputy Head, Pastoral) and Jack Talman (Head of PSHE & Esafety Officer) will discuss the ‘Hampton Model’ and share their views on how schools can tackle the issue of online safety. Delegates from other schools are invited to share their own practices in an open and constructive environment.