Welcome to the Third Year Blog!

So the year ends.

The corridors fall quiet. The last ball of the year is confiscated (congratulations to 3H). The teachers retreat to their cryogenic pods to be restored and recharged for next year.

There is much less to report on this week, though what is there is well worth your time.

We have the final results for the Interform Cup!

We also have a report on the CCF (perhaps under represented on the Third Year blog, but an outstanding part of School life) and their opportunity to fly a plane.

And then, after all that, we are all left with just the silence of a warm school hall in summer and the anticipation of welcoming next year’s Third Year and seeing all of you striding through the School with the fresh confidence of a Fourth Year Hamptonian.

Have a wonderful summer!

Heads of Year Message

Well done to everyone for completing a hugely energetic and successful School year.

You have achieved great things in the classroom, through co-curricular activities and in the wider community.

Thanks for your support and good humour throughout the year.

We wish you all well for a fantastic summer holiday.

Best wishes

Mr Rigby & Mrs Bedford

Interform Champions

After a year of titanic battle, the Interform Cup was finally decided following the dramatic penalty shoot out on Thursday of the final week. SO what were the results?

First, the penalty shoot out results…

1st : 3E
2nd : 3C
3rd : 3F
4th : 3H
Joint 5th : 3A and 3J
7th : 3D
Joint 8th : 3B and 3G

And what did that mean for the final totals?
Here they are…

1st : 3C : 56 pts
2nd : 3D : 54 pts
3rd : 3H : 52 pts
4th : 3E: 48 pts
5th : 3G : 39 pts
6th : 3A : 35 pts
7th : 3F : 33 pts
8th : 3B : 28 pts
9th : 3J : 25 pts

Well done to 3C!

Reach for Skies

On Wednesday 19 June, Ali T and I went with LEH CCF to the RAF Benson Air Base to fly. All we needed was a folder full of forms and our uniform and we went through the gates. We were weighed and given uniform before going through all the safety procedures of flying, including how to evacuate the plane midair. After that, we went one by one up to planes for our 25 minutes of flight.

My pilot was fun and chatty and made me feel comfortable in the cockpit. She took us up incredibly gracefully and some welcome cool air outside the plane cooled us down a bit. I got to do some aerobatics including some stall turns and barrel rolls. When I flew the plane I started to appreciate the skill held by pilots. I was already impressed by how well she knew her way around the controls and understood radio transmissions. When I flew myself, with what I thought was a perfectly steady hand, and the plane still wobbled, her skill seemed inhuman.

My 25 minutes was over far quicker than I’d expected. I’m glad I took photos because it was definitely one of my favorite trips and one I want to remember. Thanks to LEH CCF for giving us the opportunity to go up in a plane and fly ourselves.

By Ben P (3H)

And all that’s left to say is:

Have a great summer holiday!

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