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Brrrr! There have certainly been some chilly morning starts this week! However, the Third Years have been warming themselves up with dramatic football fixtures, muddy cross-country running, keen debating, and no doubt huddling themselves around a Bunsen burner in the Chemistry labs. Next weekend, they will be keeping warm in the kitchen, with a special interform competition on its way (read on to find out more!). There is also an opportunity for a handful of boys to be a part of a really special project researching how the Holocaust affected the past of British families. More details can be found below. We’re also bringing you an article on how we can do our bit to reduce our impact on the environment, as well as our regular focus on a quiz of the week with Connection Corner. But first, a message from your Heads of Year…

Head of Year Message

We are really pleased with the way Third Year pupils are engaging so positively with the carousel of PSHE lessons taking place during Form Periods this half term. The boys seem to be enjoying the opportunity to meet and be taught by different Third Year tutors as part of this carousel, and they are responding well to the content as a result. Sessions on Careers are being supplemented with sessions on Smoking & Vaping, First Aid, and an introduction to the Relationships and Sex Education course (the majority of which will be taught after half term by tutors) via a talk by Esther Hardy.

We look forward to welcoming the Hounslow & Richmond Schools Immunisation Team to Hampton on Thursday morning next week, when (subject to parental permission being granted) Third Years will receive their DTP and Meningitis vaccinations.

Covid testing & precautions

Face coverings are now only required to be worn by pupils (unless exempt) whilst they are in communal areas of the school buildings or on school coaches.

Please continue with the programme of self-administered asymptomatic LFD testing at regular intervals (twice a week) at home. A reminder that boys must not attend the School site if:

  • they have symptoms of Covid-19 (a raised temperature; a new persistent cough; a change in sense of taste or smell)
  • they have received a positive Covid-19 test result

All boys should have received their latest box of LFD test kits from their form tutor last week. If this has not made it home, please request test kits by emailing testing@hamptonschool.org.uk.

If your son tests positive, please complete the relevant Firefly form linked here.


For medical absences, please notify your son’s Form Tutors via email (cc’ing absence@hamptonschool.org.uk) on the morning of each day of absence by 8:45am.

For planned absences and appointments, please contact Heads of Year requesting the absence with as much notice as possible.

Boys – Please let us, your Form Tutors or the relevant subject teachers know if you have any difficulties. Have a lovely weekend – we hope you enjoy the winter sunshine!

Best wishes

Mr T Rigby & Miss V Smith

Sports Round Up

A last gasp goal rescues a 2-2 draw for the Hampton 14Cs against King’s College By Jayden O

Hampton’s U14C match against King’s College Wimbledon finished all square after their efforts earned them a late goal and a deserved draw.

The game started with both sides being very evenly matched, with hopeful attacks on either side of the pitch. Although, as Hampton got more of a feel of the ball, they started to grow into the game and create lots of chances which unfortunately did not result in an end product immediately.

However soon after, very much against the run of play, King’s College led 1-0 as a quick counter attack forced the Hampton keeper Joe G to come off his line, but resulted in a shot going through his legs and into the Hampton goal.

Yet this lead would last mere minutes. Hampton soon equalised when a low cross came into the box which landed at Gabriel K’s feet. The Hampton striker then had little to do as he tapped it past the keeper to make the score 1-1.

Though, the second half would be a completely different half. King’s College would start the half with a tenacious attitude with chances being in abundance. Then to their reward, they got a goal to put them back in the lead at 2-1.

Soon after a long-range shot hit the post, they scored after a low but well-placed shot was struck from inside the box. The shot was so well placed that all Arjan W (the substitute Hampton keeper) could do was watch the shot nestle in the back of the net.

Fortunately, rather than decreasing the morale and spirit of Hampton, the goal encouraged them to push harder to get the equalising goal. Despite the fact that the end of the game was nearing, Hampton did not give up.

Then finally after a well-fought end to the game, they got a last-minute equaliser. In an unusual scenario, the goal scored by Billy W was scored when his boot fell off mid-attack near the opposing goal and when he tried to get it, he luckily landed in the perfect position to tap the approaching ball into an open net.

Then the final whistle blew, the score 2-2. Hampton’s U14C’s joint captain Alasdair M said that:

Hampton played well both offensively and defensively but ultimately needed to take shots from opportunities to find the winning goal having conceded an unlucky goal.

Metropolitan Cross-country League By Ruben B-R

Last Saturday, I raced in the Metropolitan Cross Country league running for my athletics club. It was my third race for this league, and I found it was one of the hardest. Whilst it wasn’t very hilly, it was one of the muddiest runs I had ever done. I was fortunate not to have lost my shoe in the mud as some people did, however it was quite hard to go fast with so much of it. The run did however go quite quickly as it was around 4 kilometres, and I went through the course in around 15 minutes. I came out of the race the around 40th place, racing with some people that were 3 years older than me. It was the muddiest run I had ever done but I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope to do another one soon.

ESFA Cup Round 6: U14A vs Kingsdale Foundation School By Angus H

Thursday afternoon saw the round 6 ESFA Cup match for the U14A team against Kingsdale Foundation School. Hampton had done well so far in the competition and were facing up against a very strong footballing side who had been unbeaten all season. The team lined up in a 4-3-3 formation with a holding midfielder. The team got off to an unfortunate start as we conceded two unlucky goals early in the first half after a very skilled opposing side were motivated and ready for the match, seemingly unlike the Hampton line-up. The first half ended with the same 2-0 scoreline to the away team after a half which they had mostly dominated, playing lots of attacking balls, especially down our left flank. They were also equipped with two very strong and tall centre backs which our lads struggled to get past apart a few nice runs down the right-hand side resulting from two switches of play. The team regrouped and after some inspiring words from the coach, Mr. Hurst, we started the second half looking like a new team, the balls were flowing, defence was solid and we were making some promising runs forward. With some fresh legs on the pitch we built up some nice passing plays out from the back and down the wing. We were probing at their defence but it stayed solid throughout the game. We were definitely dominating in the second half but unfortunately we couldn’t eek a goal out and the whistle blew, resulting in a loss and our exit from the tournament after a promising run.

Some excellent performances in defence including an outstanding performance from Louis B and good performances throughout the pitch weren’t enough to clinch a victory against a very impressive side.

Lunch rating:

Good pasta at break

Plus 1 for seconds

Overall: 8/10

Holocaust Research Project

We have a wonderful opportunity for boys in the Third Year to get involved in what promises to be a fascinating and highly rewarding project. The project follows on from the brilliantly moving BBC documentary The Holocaust, My Family and Me? in which five second or third generation British Jews went on a journey to discover the Holocaust related past of their families, led by Robert Rinder. This project will be designed so that each school will follow one of the individual family’s stories. Throughout the spring and summer term we will immerse ourselves in their narratives, aiming to understand the very individual experiences of those affected by the Holocaust, and its continuing impact today. Then, in July, there will be an opportunity for each school involved to come together and showcase our work! The project will be led by Miss Bellingan in the History department, and there will be a meeting in the second half of Monday lunch times (room TBC). If this sounds like the kind of project you would be interested in, please email Miss Bellingan c.bellingan@hamptonschoolorg.uk by the end of next week (29 January).

Say NO to single use plastics

Pedro CM (3D) has researched a project on single use plastic, he has kindly summarised his findings for the blog:

Single use plastics can be defined as all products that are made wholly or partly of plastic and are intended to be used just once or for a short period of time.

On 18 January the BBC news informed us that pollution from plastics is a global emergency in need of a robust United Nations treaty. According to The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), there is a cascade of evidence of harm from plastics and the plastic pollution threat is almost equivalent to climate change.

The Hampton School Code of Conduct mentions that the School places a high priority on environmental responsibility and all members are expected to do likewise.  Please remember that there are some basic guidelines that we all should follow as using the appropriate recycling bins.

Great news! A survey conducted among the Hampton community showed that 98% of pupils carry a reusable water bottle to fill up at school.  And regarding adults, 90% bring their own bag which they reuse after shopping. 60% order a hot drink using their own reusable cup.

We can all do more to help the environment! When asked if they would be happy to avoid single-use plastics, 90% of Hampton families agreed that it was a wonderful idea. Will you be joining us?

If you are interested in the topic and would like to read the full BBC article, please click on this link here.

Club of the Week

After last week’s focus on Cryptic Crossword Club, Noel Y and Michael DS (both 3J) went along and had a blast, cracking some impressive clues! This week, club of the week is Model United Nations, which Avi B (3E) is going to tell us about:

Model United Nations (MUN) is great club to go to for anyone who wants to know more about how world decisions are made. Students are split into ‘delegations’ (countries), which then debate a variety of different problems in the world. Each delegation puts forward an ‘operative clause’ responding to this problem, or in other words what they think should be done to solve the problem. Over the course of the club, delegations vote on which clauses should be passed to create a final resolution to the problem. It sounds very formal, but in reality the club is more based around light conversation and is a great thing to try out for fun. If you really enjoy debating and politics, Hampton is often involved in MUN conferences with other schools, where you can win a number of awards. Model United Nations club is held every Tuesday lunchtime from 12.35 – 1.10 in the Lecture Theatre, but it isn’t necessary to stay for the whole time.

Thank you Avi – sounds like a fantastic thing to try out if your New Year’s resolution was to try out a new club. Get yourself along on a Tuesday lunchtime to practise your diplomacy!

Interform Baking

It’s finally here, the one you’ve all been waiting for: Interform Baking! Next weekend, Mr Moore will be doing his best Paul Hollywood impression as he asks the Third Year to “Ready! Steady! BAKE!!” Over the weekend of the 29 January, all Third Year boys will be challenged to bake a batch of small, tasty goods. The form that submits the most photos of their goodies will be the winner, and the boys can bring in their tasty treats in on Monday morning to share amongst their form (and more importantly their form tutors!) So, whether you’re baking cupcakes or brownies, eclairs or cronuts – dig out the recipe book and make sure your larder is fully stocked ready for next weekend!!

Please note: No baked goods containing nuts can be brought into Hampton.

Rock and Roll

Next Friday 28 January evening brings the ever-popular Hampton Rock Concert to the Hammond Theatre, with a cacophony of different musical acts to terrify your senses. Tickets are selling fast, so make sure you get yourself booked in for a highly entertaining evening.

Book your tickets here

Music success

Viren A (3G) recently completed his Grade 7 singing exam and passed with a merit! He was just two marks off the top tier of a distinction, and looks forward to completing his Grade 8 this year. We look forward to seeing you singing up on the Hammond Stage soon!

Connection Corner

Last week saw 17 fully correct answers submitted to our Connection Corner Quiz, with Ralph Y, Lewis W, Nathaniel C, Avi B, Gabriele C, Pablo B, Ed M, Zaidan A, Matthew G, Nolan B, Viren A, Oliver D, Nathan N, Leo M, Jeff L, Pedro CM and Thomas W-M spotting the connection – ask your form tutors to get your well-earned merit. Bragging rights go to Form 3G with the most correct answers. In case you’re still perplexed, here are last week’s answers:

In tennis, what is the name for a service that wins a point without being hit by the opponent? Ace

What is the name of the muscular organ central to the circulatory system in the human body? Heart

What was the surname of the famous civil rights activist who delivered a famous speech during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on 28 August 1963? King

What is the name given to the crystallised carbon structure formed under intense heat and pressure beneath the Earth’s surface? Diamond

CONNECTION: Deck of Cards

See if you can spot the connection between the answers to this week’s four questions:

Oops! We could not locate your form.

Have a great weekend!

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