Who can believe that it’s almost the end of term?! Despite only being with us for a few months, the First Years have settled in really quickly, and they feel much more ‘part of the furniture’ now. It’s been a busy week for the First Years, with all the boys taking part in the Christmas Concert on Thursday. The boys sounded fantastic, and it was lovely to see the whole year group have the opportunity to perform on the Hammond Theatre stage (although I am sure there are a few tired boys today!); congratulations to the Music staff who have worked so hard to prepare the boys and plan such a brilliant event. Many boys were also involved in the LEH-Hampton Christmas Quiz on Tuesday; particular congratulations go to 1J, who placed third, and were the highest-placed First Year form; an impressive feat against older boys and girls! Final congratulations must go to our U12A rugby team, who were runners-up in the Middlesex Rugby Festival against some really tough opposition – well done, boys!


While the whole First Year have been rehearsing for the Christmas Concert over the past few weeks, 1H have been working hard on a number of their own; here’s their super rendition of So this is Christmas, complete with flutes, guitars and (of course) Santa hats!


With the weather taking a turn, this week we learn a little bit about more ‘indoor’ clubs. Alex L (1J) tells us about Dungeons and Dragons Club:

This club takes place in room 25 (the room that is next to the library on second floor) at the start of lunch – 12:35 to 13:10 every Tuesday. In this club you play an interesting board game called Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), if you don’t know how to play then ask the people that play this board game regularly. Overall, I think that this club is particularly good for less sporty kids and people who enjoy playing different types of board games.

Adam S (1H) also tells us about Geography Society!

Geography Society is a fun and entertaining club. People may think it is about learning but it is much more than that. You do lots of fun quizzes and you find out things that you have never heard of before. When I first joined which was a few weeks into the first term I realised how exciting it was because I thought it was talking about things around the world but then I found out it was something I was really interested in. This week we were doing landmarks around the world and I found it really fascinating that there are some really strange landmarks like Petra, Jordan. You also get the chance to meet some new people. It is a calm and relaxing way to spend your lunchtime especially if it is wet and raining at that time. There are also merits available if you get the bonus question right at the end. It is located in room 74 and is at 12:35 on Wednesday. If you scroll to the bottom of all of these blogs you will be able to find 5 questions that you can answer. You can try and get your Form to compete to see which class gets the most entries. If you answer these correctly then you will be able to get a merit. You will be able to collect it during Tuesday break time (11:00) from the Latin office.


Each week, Tutors in the First Year team nominate a boy who they have been particularly impressed with and Mr Hill and Mrs Halford will provide the boy with a football to use on the 3G for the week!

This week’s Tutee of the Week is Ethan P (1W). Ethan’s hard work, positive attitude and kindness have really impressed us, Well done, Ethan!


William O (1F) has recently been awarded a high Merit in his ABRSM Grade 1 Singing exam. Well done, William – a fantastic achievement!

We love to hear about what you have been getting up to outside of school. Please do send any information about any of your achievements through to Mrs Ziegler (h.ziegler@hamptonschool.org.uk).


We had an impressive 23 entries for this week’s First Year 5 Questions. 1F are this week’s champions with five entries! Well done to everyone who entered!

1F: Ishaan A, Tom S, Rahul B, Ben S, Ollie N

1J: Jake O’R, Nihal B, Leo S, Jack H

1B: Kiran G, Salah S, Rory M

1P: Thomas Q

1W: Abhideep S, Oliver S, Abhidepp S, James P

1L: Kai W, Haadi H, Max P, Olly P

1H: Huw P, Guradees P S

Take a look at this week’s questions – have a go yourself or challenge people at home and see if they know the answer. Merits are awarded for everyone who has a go! Just click on the link below and enter your answers; points for the Inter-Form Competition will be awarded to the form with the most entries every week.

  1. What is traditionally hidden inside a Christmas pudding?
  2. In which film is 8-year-old Kevin accidentally left behind when his family go on their Christmas holiday?
  3. Which country sends a Christmas tree to London every year?
  4. Which creature created by Dr. Suess tried to steal Christmas?
  5. What date is St. Nicholas’ Day?

Why don’t you have a go and enter your answers here. 

Remember to write your name in the form so you can be credited with merits!

Take a look at next week’s blog to find out the answers and which Form is crowned our weekly champion.

And here are the answers to last week’s 5 questions:

  1. What is Joe Root’s ODI shirt number? 66
  2. Name the 2021 winner of the Great British Bake Off. Giuseppe (Dell’Anno)
  3. What is the capital of Finland? Helsinki
  4. How many elements are in the periodic table? 118
  5. What is the longest Harry Potter film? (Non-extended versions) Chamber of Secrets (161 minutes)

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND and a fantastic Christmas!

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